Elita the Cavern Elf. Played by Stephanie Hesp.

Elita, the Cavern Elf

By Keith McDonald

Elita was a rude and petulant elf who looked after Smirkenorff the Dragon and got under everybody's skin.

Elita was a diminutive but headstrong cavern elf. She fed Smirkenorff the Dragon and sometimes collected a fare from dungeoneers.

Elita could be found performing rituals and hunting for valuables throughout the dungeon. She was equally at home in Level 3 as Level 1.

Rude elf

Elita was notorious for her rudeness and could be difficult to bargain with.

Her common insult was 'face ache' and she often gestured at dungeoneers' appearance or smell. Pickle describes her as a "rude little monster" and says, "her tongue will grow grass on it".

Generally, Elita disliked players knowing her calling name. Dungeoneers might use this to their advantage.

Elita the Cavern Elf, played by Stephanie Hesp in Series 5 of Knightmare (1991).

Her own worst enemy

For all her defiance and objectionable ways, Elita was generally fair and true to her word.

Her varied labours meant she discovered passwords and combinations. This made her useful to dungeoneers and a nuisance to the Opposition.

Skarkill manages to capture Elita's voice in Series 5. The following year, she embarrasses the Goblin Master with magic pipes.

But he soon gets revenge by locking Elita in a box. Her capture weakens Smirkenorff so he cannot defend Knightmare Castle from Lord Fear's red dragon in the season finale.

Clash with dungeoneer

For Elita to clash with a cheeky dungeoneer was an accident waiting to happen. And it finally did happen towards the end of Series 6.

After Elita meets the team for the second time, the dungeoneer calls Elita a face ache in return. This prompts a celebration from Pickle.

But when the team meet Elita again in Level 3, the dungeoneer takes the backchat a step too far and is lucky to be rescued from Skarkill and his goblins.

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