A causeway puzzle of rock, paper and scissors in Series 5 (1991).


By Keith McDonald

A series of floor puzzles. Teams had to follow a combination against the clock to cross safely.

Causeway puzzles were introduced in Series 5 and lasted for two years. Teams had to cross a sequence of hexagonal tiles in the correct order as the floor fell away beneath them.

In Series 5, there was a variety of symbol systems that teams might encounter. These included colours, symbols of attack and defence, rock-paper-scissors, and the elements (earth, fire and water).

A causeway of attack and defence symbols, as seen in Series 5 of Knightmare (1991).

In Series 6, causeways were formed of numbers only (except for the Great Causeway in Level 3). The safe path might be formed of odd or even numbers or a specific code.

A countdown was also introduced to show the time remaining for teams to reach the next safe tile.

A causeway of numbers, as seen in Series 6 of Knightmare (1992).

These puzzles provided narrative structure to the gameplay, as teams often had to seek out the combination through spying, solving riddles or assisting other characters.

They were also one of the most severe tests that gameplayers faced. Numerous teams fell over the edge or ran out of time and plummeted to their doom.

Nothing sporting about the frightknight. When its sword reaches the red dot, parts of the floor will fall away.


Finalists' Causeway (Series 5)

The final challenge of Series 5 was a long causeway where teams had to create a walkway by solving sums or geometric problems.

As dungeoneers were guided onto the correct answer, the next part of the puzzle emerged. The quest object appeared in a centre island for the team to collect.

The finalists' causeway seen in Series 5 of Knightmare (1991).

Though not particularly challenging, it was a time-consuming exercise and expended life force in the final stages of the quest.

This scene is thought to be based on the Octagon and Moat at Bodiam Castle in East Sussex.

The Great Causeway (Series 6)

The penultimate challenge in Series 6 was a mammoth causeway within the Caverns of Gore. It featured numbers, anagrams and letters.

No team discovered the full combination to the first half of the puzzle, though one managed to guess their way through. (It was the number of tiles in the row.)

Scene one of the Great Causeway, as seen in Series 6 of Knightmare (1992).

From there, teams had to solve an anagram to reveal the lettered half of the puzzle, then quickly pursue the correct route before the frightknight interval ends.

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