Courtroom trial watching knightmare


Fans address a series of debates and opinions around Knightmare.

Was Knightmare better in its earlier years? Did the game become easier over the years? Who would watch a new series today, if it was made?

Our opinion pieces address some of the probing questions and debates that fans have had around the show. See which you agree with below.

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Chalice in Wonderland

Series 3 Quest 11 - Level 2 - Martin collects piece of chalice in cavern

On Knightmare, no team got far enough to win the Cup. Never stopped them dreaming...

Did Knightmare Jump the Shark? Part 1

Shark in dungeon pool

Many feel Knightmare's early series are the best. Chris Ballard tries to pinpoint when it began losing its sparkle.

Did Knightmare Jump the Shark? Part 2

Shark in dungeon pool

If Knightmare jumped the shark in Series 4, did the shark arrive earlier? A watcher's thoughts.

It's Only a Game... Isn't It?

Treguard holding helmet of justice

People call Knightmare a game show out of convenience. Its creator considered it an adventure show with elements of gameplay. Chris Ballard explores the tensions between 'adventuring' and 'gaming'.

Knightmare Lost in the Uncanny Valley?

The first scene from the Death Valley sequence of caves in Series 3 of Knightmare.

Chris Ballard ponders whether Knightmare's technological pioneering actually ended up damaging the show.

Knightmare Revisited

Use of blue screen in geek week

If a new series of Knightmare could be made today, who would watch it, and who would broadcast it?

Perfect Knightmare

A photographic of a castle at night

Fan Phil Colvin pieces together his vision of a perfect Knightmare with configurations from all eight series.

The Knightmare Before Christmas

Pickle and Treguard, Series 4 end, Christmas

Many Knightmare fans aren't so fond of the Christmas ending to Series 4 (1990). Chris Ballard explores a more positive connection between Knightmare and Christmas.

The Undeserved Deaths

Series 3, Quest 3. Simon uses a magic amulet to pass through Level 2 as a star.

Were some of the deaths on Knightmare unfair? SpectralScorpion plays judge and jury over the most controversial deaths on the show.

Votecaster - What Do the Results Show?

Matrix-style falling text

In the early days of, users could vote on different aspects of the show. The results were compiled together in 2001.

Where Did the Difficulty Go?

Winding pathway. Based on Crooked Nature Path by Shirley Serban for FreeImages.

Phil Colvin debates how the changes made during Knightmare's eight years impacted the difficulty of the show.