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Making of RPG Season 3

By Nicholas Lam

Details, interviews and video-logs of the making of RPG Season 3

The Making of Season Three

Adam Battersby provides some video clips on the preparations for the forthcoming season of the Interactive Knightmare RPG, due to start in September 2001 for 16 weeks. The next season will make use of 'Cromakey' (blue screen) imaging, in much the same way the Knightmare rooms were actually created.

Please note that while the video files mentioned below are currently unavailable, there is an intention to restore access to them in the future.

Part 1

This 12 minute film shows the processes that go into creating the spyglass sequences, or the 'Chromakey footage' as they are sometimes called. Firstly, screenshots are taken, then a video file is captured using a TV capture card, and finally the blue is removed from the clip and the screenshot background comes through.

It probably does sound complicated, so why not download this small clip and learn more. Definitely a interesting download

RPG3Part1.rm : 2.65MB, 12 mins

Thanks to: Mike (AVID Technician) and Toucan (Quake 3 Map Creator)

Part 2

This documentary is entitled 'Manchester and the City Centre'. Myself and a friend thought that we'd show those of you not from the area a little taste of the main shopping area. As well as seeing Piccadilly gardens, you'll also be taken through the Arndale Centre, St. Anne's Square, and along Market Street, although not in that order.

Finally, a small note. There are plenty of adverts in this clip, so can advertisers please send Adam Battersby some well deserved cash please :)

RPG3Part2.rm : 3.41MB, 12 mins

Part 3

A shorter film showing a tour of the building in which the filming will take place. You'll be taken through the main corridors and to the basement where all of the "magic will be happening".

RPG3Part3.rm : 1.66MB, 6 mins

Part 4

A short clip talking about the events leading up to the filming.

RPG3Part4.rm : 1.55MB, 6 mins

Part 5

The things that happened on the day prior to filming are explained here. This clip will guide you through the events on Tuesday 20th April 2001.

RPG3Part5.rm : 1.97MB, 7 mins

Part 6

A description of the first day of filming the scenes in the studio, the people involved and the technicalities.

RPG3Part6.rm : 2.67MB, 6 mins

Part 7

Following on from Part 6, this is a description of the happenings on the second and last day of filming.

RPG3Part7.rm : 1.93MB, 9 mins

Part 8

'An Interview with Jeff' - one of the participants of the forthcoming RPG. Contains scenes from Dickon's Quest in Series 4 in the background.

RPG3Part8.rm : 1.17MB, 5 mins

Part 9

A video clip showing 'A Dungeoneer's View' - one of the participants of the Interactive Knightmare RPG talks about the application procedure and hints while playing the game.

RPG3Part9.rm : 1.19MB, 5 mins

Part 10

'An Interview with Melanie' - one of the participants of the forthcoming RPG. Contains scenes from Series 3 in the background.

RPG3Part10.rm : 1.16MB, 4.35 mins

Part 11

'An Interview with Gareth' - one of the participants of the forthcoming RPG.

RPG3Part11.rm : 914KB, 3.35 mins

Part 12

'An Interview with Adam' - an interview with the man behind the RPG.

RPG3Part12.rm : 1.03MB, 4.35 mins

Part 13

'An Interview with Lucy' - one of the participants of the forthcoming RPG.

RPG3Part13.rm : 901KB, 4.35 mins


Have a look at a video trailer for this year's RPG. Music by Adam Battersby, tunnel sequences created with GTRRadiant.

Lo-Resolution : 301KB, 1.06 mins

Hi-Resolution : 634KB, 1.04 mins

Theme Music

Listen to the theme for this year's RPG, as composed by Adam Battersby.

MP3 Theme : 1.04 MB, 1.07 mins

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