Series 7, Quest 6. Julie turns into a black cat to frighten Raptor.

The Quest 3.1: Winners Interview

By Keith McDonald

What's it really like to appear on Knightmare? We interviewed Julie and Sam from the [first] winning team in Series 7.

Julie - The Dungeoneer

Knightmare Series 7 Team 6. Julie, the dungeoneer.

1. What were your first impressions of the dungeon?

I was pleased, we were nervous at first, but on the second day we became more comfortable

2. Do you feel that your advisors guided you well? Have you any complaints?

I have no complaints; they didn't all shout at once (which makes a change.) We're all good friends at school, so we made a good team because we were able to talk about things. That was what helped us win, as well as being enthusiastic.

3. Was luck with you, or did you expect to win all along?

We were quite lucky. We didn't really know what to expect at first, we were determined to get past level one though, because of this boy at school who said that we wouldn't.

We had some words which we used to chant in order to prepare ourselves: Decisiveness, enthusiasm and calmness.


4. What was the worst part of the game for you? Which bits did you find especially difficult?

The floor puzzles - on the last one with the cards we were really nervous, halfway through we had to remember what card we had chosen. That was difficult. We thought we were going out. When we finished we were shaking a lot. The other floor puzzles were difficult too.

5. What previous experiences helped you to win Knightmare?

We play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, and that obviously helped. We've also taken part in Cavern meetings in which you get dressed up in period clothes. Plus we've done a few reenactments of battles etc. With swords and things. Those kind of things are very popular at our school.

6. How do you rate Lord Fear and his cronies? Have you anything to say to them/him?

He definitely needs a woman on his side, we'd be perfectly happy to help out (Cahoots! Treachery in the ranks -Ed). He needs all the help he can get - what with Sly Hands!

7. Your meeting with Sly Hands was one of the highlights of the adventure. Does he really smell?

Not really. (Methinks the lady must have been making use of nose plugs - Ed.) That was our favourite bit, we liked his ten goblins song. Perhaps he should release it as a record!

8. You were the first all girl team to win Knightmare.

Yes, we wanted to prove that we could be as good as the boys. I'd like to say sap' to Andrew Mellor, who thought we'd never make it. He's a real sexist.

9. Do you think Sidriss will ever make it as a Sorceress?

No, definitely not!

10. What do you think Sidriss [Greystagg?] did to Lord Fear, or is it too ghastly to contemplate?

(Laughs) I don't know, but I like to think it was something really nasty.

11. Finally, what advice do you have for future adventurers?

Well, we had some words which we used to chant in order to prepare ourselves: Decisiveness, enthusiasm and calmness. That certainly helped, I think.

Sam - Advisor

Knightmare Series 7 Team 6. Samantha, an advisor.

1. What was it like seeing yourself on TV?

Scary at first. Then embarrassing. Our parents fell about laughing. Some people at school have said that they could have done better than us. I'd like to see them have a go!

2. Did you always expect to win? Or did you have any moments of doubt?

I personally didn't think we'd win, although my mum said afterwards that she knew all along we would. I expected us to die on a floor puzzle. At the end, in the room with Lord Fear, I thought we were going to die. We couldn't work out how to use the shield. I thought: 'That's it, Bye!'

3. What's your opinion of Julie's dungeoneering skills?

She was good. She interacted really well with the inhabitants of the dungeon, and she listened to what we said.

4. Did you enjoy sending her into deep peril while you sat by the warmth of Treguard's fire? Or would you have preferred to be the Dungeoneer yourself?

I don't think I could have done it. Julie handled it better than I could have. Anyway, I like being bossy, and I like to know where I'm going.

5. Did you dread the floor puzzles?

Yes, especially as I was doing the guiding. If anything had gone wrong it would all have been my fault. Julie would have made my life hell if I'd killed her. (?! - Ed.).

6. Did you have any problems trying to get Julie to do what you wanted?

No, not really. She was totally reliant on us. It must be difficult for the Dungeoneer, because they don't know what's going on. They're forced to do what you say.

7. If you were Lord Fear, how would you thwart Treguard's attempts at defeating you?

I'd get much better sidekicks. They're too easy to fool, especially Sylvester Hands, that was my favourite bit.

8. Did your role-playing help with Knightmare?

Yes, it did. It helped me to imagine what it might be like to play the game. The monsters and things are very different, though.

9. Finally, do you have anything to say to your followers on the Knightmare trail?

Yes, anybody who'd like to have a go should just apply.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 6. The team appreciate their frightknight trophies.

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