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The Quest 3.1: Dungeoneer's Diary

By Keith McDonald

For the first time this year we encouraged teams to write in a diary which we kept in their hospitality room at the studio.

Some of them wrote in it every day, others preferred to keep their thoughts private.

Printed below are some extracts from the book, warts and all, I think you'll find it quite revealing! (The only thing I have left out are their names to save their reputations!)

1 August 93

We are dying, time is running out. The eyes are upon us! Level 3 dangers draw nearer. We are Weary, oh so weary. 3 chambers we have seen and death appears in them all! Time drew on! We must return to the land of Peril... Terrible words lie ahead, be wary Dungeoneers! Your heart can be turned to stone!

Treguard is worried, very worried. Majida shivers at the thought of a world ruled by the satanic Lord Fear. Only we can help.

4 August 93

The team in front of us still haven't died. They are too good and I think they will probably win. All due to us wishing them good luck! Oh well...

I'm so nervous, butterflies in my stomach, Oh what should I do? Believe me it's terrifying when you are waiting to go on.

We just filmed our introduction and it was absolutely awful! I wanted to sink through the floor. You'd hate it! Actually I am exaggerating a bit.

5 August 93

I think we've just died, but they won't tell us - I hope we haven't, I mean it's only level 1.

Guess what? We didn't die. Yeah! (Excellent)

...We Died!!!

9 August 93

We are at level 2 now and I feel great confidence in our ability to stretch the bounds of science with feats never before seen on British Television... Not!

10 August 93

They are maniacs, three of them trying to kill me, a poor defenceless dungeoneer. Well just you wait until I get that sword - then they'll be sorry!

11 August 93

Met our first Troll.

We got to level 2 - I love dragons, Smirkenorff is sooo sweet!

Met another Troll! Aaagh! Julie's got a wall after her! Help us! I nearly died - what a fright!

We're on the way to level three - Wow!

12 August 93

I hate camera 3, it's pointing straight at me! I hope it's not loaded! This afternoon is make or break time...

We Won!! So there Andrew Mellor - we won!

(Good luck next team - beat Fear again for us!)

13 August 93

Yahoo! we start today and the sun is shining - it must be an omen.

14 August 93

We're still alive and in level 2, but there is a Troll nearly. I'm the Dungeoneer and my nerves are shattered. I think if we can complete the next logic puzzle, we'll still be doing pretty well!

15 August 93

I've just stomped on some goblins and a bloke with a boot! That was cruel fun but the right thing under the circumstances.

Help! the Brollachan is a nasty piece of work but we got past him... Just!

Level 3 and it's grim, really grim. We have just taken a boat ride through the sewers, home from home for some of the team!

17 August 93

Make my day, Fear! (but don't try too hard on my account).

Very close now, only a few more rooms and a few more baddies, namely Lord Fear and an immensely large Troll. It's looking difficult but I think we can handle it.

I hope so! We need to find a Troll hammer before we meet the Troll, and preferably before we meet Lord Fear as well!

I had a chat with Sylvester. That was fun!

I have used one potion, but still lots to do. Sylvester is frozen for a while.

We Won!!

18 August 93

Well, we've had our Troll bashing scene, we've been formally presented with trophies and we've had a grand tour of the studios. It's been excellent fun, but now it's all over.

We'll never forget the Dungeon of Deceit, and thanks to everybody who made this dungeon playable to the contestants. It's not just good television it's a great game.

Good luck to the teams in the next series - go bravely, go carefully and go quickly!

'The Quest' is published by Broadsword Television. Broadsword are the producers of 'Knightmare' for Anglia Television and Children's ITV.

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