Hordriss quizing the dungeooneer

The Quest 2.3: Multiple-choice Quiz

By Keith McDonald

Ever wondered how you would fare in the Knightmare Dungeon? Try our fiendish quiz to find out.

1. You find yourself in the centre of a maze of tunnels when suddenly you hear the eerie sound of a horn. Do you:

  1. Get out as fast as you can?
  2. Look for a goblin to guide you out?
  3. Join in on your tin whistle?

2. You are cunningly holding a spyglass and eavesdropping on Lord Fear, all at once his eyes start to glow blood red. Do you:

  1. Quickly put down the glass before he traces you?
  2. Keep looking in case any other bits of him turn red?
  3. Make a note to send him some eye drops?

3. Ah Wok has climbed onto his stall and is waving his arms about like a mad man shouting, "Lun for your rife!!". Do you:

  1. Run for your life!?
  2. Wave back, you wouldn't want to seem rude?
  3. Regret falling asleep in the Language Labs at school?

4. In the depths of the forest, on a tree stump you discover a magic potion, a loaf of bread, a scroll and a gold bar, do you:

  1. Put the bread in your knapsack; open the scroll and read it then take away the magic potion and the gold bar?
  2. Put the gold bar in your knapsack; Open the magic potion then take away the bread and the scroll?
  3. Put the knapsack on your head, swallow the magic potion and then have a lie down?

5. Having successfully conjured the Samurai warrior, he is now getting in your way and you want him to disappear, do you:

  1. Shout "dispell - I A R U M A S!"?
  2. Smile, thank him and hope that he will go away of his own accord?
  3. Try to remember your judo moves?

6. You meet Smirkenorff and you desperately need a flight to the next level, do you:

  1. Flatter him and offer him a dragon mint?
  2. Leap on his back and kick him firmly in the flanks?
  3. Ask directions to the Airport?

7. Out of a dark corridor appears a patrolling Frightknight brandishing a sword, do you:

  1. Hide in the shadows and wait for an opportunity to sneak past unnoticed?
  2. Challenge him to a duel?
  3. Ask him if he would mind autographing your T-shirt?

8. Treguard warns you that your Life-force is dangerously low, do you:

  1. Look around for food to put in your knapsack?
  2. Turn off all the lights to save energy.
  3. Go home for a good night's sleep, you'll feel better in the morning.

How did you score?

a = 5 points; b = 2 points; c = 1 point

Now add up all your points;

Hordriss found Sidriss in her bedroom in floods of tears.

"What on earth is the matter daughter?" he asked, anxiously. "I've just had a letter from Ridolfo", she sobbed, "and he's only put two kisses on the bottom!"


"I hate being double crossed!"

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