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Team 4: Danny, Nigel, Tom and Mark from Portsmouth.

Series 1, Team 4's quest was for the Cup and lasted 38 minutes.

Level 1

The first room saw the first appearance of Folly the Jester.

Folly: "Folly Tours, a personal guided tour of the dungeon, including all the sights and sound and history... Money or your life back, if not fully satisfied!"

After some stern commands from Treguard, Folly helps the team by providing information on what door to take.

They enter a room with an advancing snake, which they evade. After that is the Level 1 clue room.

Granitas is guarding. They answer two of his riddles correctly. Danny takes the Buddha and the salt - struggling slightly as they are both bulky items.

After surviving a bomb room, the team meet Lillith and offer her the Buddha for passage into the serpent's mouth. They want to leave quickly but she asks Danny to wait.

Lillith: "I love presents, and I expect you do too. So here's one from me. I gift you a spell - it is called ITCH. Just be sure you don't use it when you're alone."

So much for that kindness - Danny slides straight into the serpent's stomach! They throw the salt to upset the creature and escape.

They enter the Corridor of the Catacombs (at the top, unusually).

The team guide Danny to the exit marked by the Cup.

The wellway to Level 2 was guarded by Gumboil. They use the ITCH spell from Lillith to distract him.

It's the first time we ever see a dungeoneer climb down the well!

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