Series 1 Quest 5. Helen is watched by a suspicious Giant as she enters his lair.

Series 1 Quest 5

By Keith McDonald

Team 5: Helen, Anthony, Jon-Paul and Claire from Mid Glamorgan.

The fifth team of Series 1 lasted 12 minutes.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 5. Helen, the dungeoneer.

Level 1

All the doors are locked in the first room, but the solution is simple.

Helen steps on a key symbol to unlock one door.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 5. Helen walks across a key to unlock a door.

The team enters a room with a Scorpion. Its tail thrashes across Helen's path.

Treguard: "Dire warning, team. This story has a sting in its tail made by magic. At least, it can seriously damage life force."

The team must time Helen's movement carefully to proceed.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 5. Helen avoids a scorpion's sting.

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by Granitas. Treguard riles the guardian by continually mistaking it for Olgarth.

Treguard: "Granitas is unlikely to be in a good mood, but then again, he never is!"

Knightmare Series 1 Team 5. The clues in the Level 1 clue room include a gauntlet and flowers.

The team scores two and learns that flowers will please the lady. Helen takes the flowers and a key, leaving behind a gauntlet.

Next is a bomb room with a locked door. Helen holds up the key to escape.

They arrive at a ledge by the Giant's lair. Helen quickly and calmly walks past.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 5. Lillith the Sorceress is unwell.

Lillith is unwell, so the team offers her flowers. She is delighted and finds the energy to summon her causeway.

She gifts the team a WELL spell, noting the irony.

Lillith: "Oh dear. If only I were well... See yourself out!"

Knightmare Series 1 Team 5. The corridor floor begins to disappear.

Helen arrives at the Corridor of the Catacombs.

Treguard: "Warning team. With one more correct riddle and you would have known which way to go. Now you have to guess and guess quickly. Life force energy low!"

As the floor begins to crumble, they guess at the left-hand door.


They enter a room where all the exits are gated with portcullises.

Treguard: "Problems, problems, team. You appear to have taken a wrong turning."

Knightmare Series 1 Team 5. The team reaches a dead end after taking a wrong turning.

They cast the WELL spell, which fails (with a sound effect heard only once!)

Treguard: "Unfortunately, team, the WELL spell can only reveal a well. It cannot create one."

Life force expires.

Treguard: "Rotten luck. A 50/50 chance, but without the full reward from correct riddles, you turned left when right was right."

This quest was the second shortest in the series, although the team was arguably dealt a tough hand.

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