Series 1 Quest 1 receives a warning from Treguard in the Corridor of the Catacombs

Series 1 Quest 1

By Keith McDonald

Team 1: David, James, Lucian and David from Bedfordshire.

The first quest of Series 1 lasted for 13 minutes.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 1, Dungeoneer David Campbell.
David Campbell, the first dungeoneer

For the first quest, Treguard explains the principles of gameplay in full. Future teams received a shorter version.


David summons his three advisors. Treguard provides him with the quest items and instructs him how to maintain his Life Force.

On your quest, I shall be with you, and yet not with you, for there are places in the dungeon where even I may not safely go… There is no correct route through the dungeon, but the right path can be found using logic and guile.


Knightmare Series 1 Team 1. David the dungeoneer with the helmet of justice.

Unique to this series, the dungeoneer placed the helmet on.

Level 1

The very first room of the Knightmare dungeon has four doors with portcullises.

A series of letter appear on the floor, which spell 'open'.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 1. The team collect letters in the first room of the dungeon.

The team need prompting to step on the letters in the correct order. This releases one of the doors.

Treguard: "Remember, that which does not read right must be spelt correctly."

This room appeared on Kellyvision, which explored the use of computer graphics behind the scenes.

See how Robert Harris used his 24-bit computer to reveal the letters.

David arrives at the Level 1 clue room.

A face made of rock appears in the wall. Treguard describes it as a 'wall monster'.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 1. Treguard issues a warning in the Level 1 clue room.

Treguard: "Such minor malignants feed on life force, but usually allow their victims to survive. Because they are not very bright, they delight in stupidity – your stupidity. You must defeat him with wit..."

Wall Monster: "I am Olgarth of Legend. I have riddles of different times, of different legends. Three riddles have I, and truth is what I seek. One truth will pass you on, two may aid you, three commands me. Fail all three, and I feed on YOU."

The team score two and gain a clue: "Justice lies on the right."

Knightmare Series 1 Team 1. The clues from the Level 1 clue room.

The team decides to take a ruby and a talisman, leaving behind a lamp.

David encounters two consecutive rooms with bombs. In the first, he steps one pace at a time, allowing the fuse to run dangerously short.

Treguard: "Quickly, quickly. Bomb explosion imminent!"

Knightmare Series 1 Team 1. A bomb room in Level 1.

The team arrives at a chasm. A sorceress prevents Treguard from assisting by sweeping away his apparition.

Lillith: "No master but a mistress rules here. I am called Lillith and this is my domain. And the only way beyond is through the serpent's mouth."

Knightmare Series 1 Team 1. The sorceress Lillith stares up at the onlookers.

Lillith tries to lure the dungeoneer into the pit, but the advisors warn him not to move. Lillith scolds them.

Once she is prepared to negotiate, the team offers her a ruby in exchange for safe passage. She forms a causeway for David to cross.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 1. The dungeoneer leaves Lillith's Domain in Level 1.

However, once they hand over the ruby, the causeway begins to disappear. The team guides David out as Lillith cackles with laughter.

David proceeds into the Corridor of the Catacombs.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 1. In the Corridor of the Catacombs.

Treguard: "This is patrolled by the army of the dead. Exit with haste or your quest ends now."

A symbol by the left-hand door resembles the talisman in David’s hand, so the advisors direct him there.


He emerges in a very dark room. The team are confused as to what to do.

Knightmare Series 1 Team 1. The dungeoneer perishes at the end of Level 1.

Treguard: "Warning team. You should have taken the magic lamp when you had a chance. It would have been enough to remember the symbol... The darkness is caused by something that doesn't like intruders..."

David tries holding up the talisman, but it does nothing. Life force expires.

The Knightmare life force clock is critical.

Another unique element to the first quest was the incidental music used for the death sequence. It was only used again when Level 3 was reached for the first time.

Treguard: "Oh dear, what a pity, never mind. David, although he perished in the dungeon, has survived in what you call your time."

Knightmare Series 1 Team 1. The scrolls of achievement.

Teams were given scrolls to take home as proof of their quest.

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The Level 1 Wellway Room was used for the first three series of Knightmare.

Wellway rooms allowed dungeoneers to descend to the second and third levels in the early series of Knightmare.

Casper the Key

Casper, Merlin's talking Key. Voiced by Lawrence Werber.

A talking key found in Level 2 could often help dungeoneers navigate their way to Merlin's chamber.


Lillith, the Sorceress. Played by Mary Miller.

Lillith was an unpredictable sorceress who appeared in Level 1 during the first two seasons of Knightmare. Teams had to please her, or they perished.

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