A look at Children's ITV in 1991, particularly the Autumn when Knightmare was shown.

Children's ITV - 1991

In April 1991, the contract to provide Children's ITV was returned to Central, and there was another change in set and presenter. The replacement was Tommy Boyd, who had previously held the job in 1983. Tommy was the second honorary member of the Knightmare Adventurer's Club!

Tommy Boyd: "Children's ITV for a fantastic Friday, and now the return of an extremely popular series judging by our mailbag..."

Notice the Knightmare poster in the background!

"A dream of a Knightmare is next, here on Children's ITV"

Tommy recommended that the best way to watch Knightmare was to draw the curtains, make it nice and dark and turn up the volume on the TV!

The first 40 seconds of episode 3 of series 5 was never broadcast on ITV, because there was a technical problem. Tommy filled in reminding everyone about Motor Mouth' on Saturday mornings.

1991 saw the forth Knightmare book - The Sorcerer's Isle, priced £2.99, published by Transworld Corgi.

Glenn Kinsey sat in for Tommy and presented Children's ITV on the last week before Christmas 1991.

He was also the first honorary member of the Knightmare Adventurer's Club.

Glenn also presented the 'Summer Mornings' show in Summer '91.

There have been no summer morning CITV based link programme since then.

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