A review of Children's ITV in 1991, especially the autumn months when Knightmare was broadcast.

A return to Central

In April 1991, Central regained the contract to provide Children's ITV. This meant a new regular presenter, Tommy Boyd, who had previously hosted in 1983.

Tommy was the second honorary member of the Knightmare Adventurer's Club.

Tommy Boyd: Children's ITV for a fantastic Friday, and now the return of an extremely popular series, judging by our mailbag.

Spot the Knightmare poster? Here's the full version.

Tommy encouraged viewers to draw the curtains, make it dark, and turn up the volume for the optimum Knightmare viewing experience!

Christmas switch

Glenn Kinsey sat in for Tommy during the last week before Christmas 1991. Glenn was the first honorary member of the Knightmare Adventurer's Club.

Earlier in the year, Glenn had presented 'Summer Mornings', the last summer morning CITV-based link programme.

An eventful year for broadcasters

Miss the start?

The first 40 seconds of Episode 3 (mostly the opening titles) were not broadcast on ITV due to technical problems.

CITV presenter Tommy Boyd filled in for the interruption, reminding viewers about the Saturday morning show 'Motor Mouth'.

Miss the end?

The end credits to Episode 6 and part of Episode 7 were also cut due to the broadcaster running short on time.

Late to the dungeon

Most episodes of Knightmare Series 5 began at 4.30pm. However, on Friday 4 October and Friday 11 October, CITV started at 4:40pm because of ITV's rugby coverage.

On these afternoons, Knightmare was the first programme to be shown.

"A dream of a Knightmare is next, here on Children's ITV"


A CITV competition took place during Episode 10. A scroll appeared with the question: 'Another name for Hordriss?'

The answer was Harris. Hordriss had given himself this name while disguised as a beggar during Series 5, Quest 6.

Sorcerer's Isle

The fourth Knightmare book, The Sorcerer's Isle, was published in 1991 by Transworld Corgi (priced at £2.99).


How did CITV look in 1992 during Series 6 of Knightmare?


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