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Team 1: Kathryn, Raelene, Fay and Alison from Liphook.

The first quest of Series 5 was for the Cup and lasted 21 minutes.


Pickle labels them the 'bee team', as all four are dressed in yellow and black.

Treguard: "This is a strange land and getting stranger than you can ever imagine."

Level 1

Kathryn begins on a ledge leading to a dragon. It's the first flight on Smirkenorff.

Treguard: "I think this is the equivalent of what you would call an international departure lounge, and the next flight is leaving shortly."

Smirkenorff flies over a stretch of water and ascends towards a castle on a hilltop.

Kathryn proceeds through a glade towards a shack. The monk, Brother Mace, is playing cards with a beggar, whom he introduces as Sylvester Hands.

Brother Mace: "I wouldn't say that Sly here is a thief, but I wouldn't play cards against him if God wasn't on my side."

Mace provides information about the path ahead. He asks Kathryn to deliver some gold to Julius Scaramonger - "A merchant by trade and scoundrel by religion."

Kathryn arrives in Wolfenden and encounters Scaramonger.

Julius Scaramonger: "Poverty is just the sin of ignorance, if the truth be told, and Julius Scaramonger couldn't tell anything but."

Scaramonger swaps the gold for a spyglass and directs Kathryn towards the gateway.

Spyglass: A man is remonstrating with frightknights, which pass in sequence behind him.

Treguard: "This, unless I'm much mistaken, is the Opposition."

He catches Kathryn spying and threatens her. She throws down the glass to break the connection.

Pickle complains that the game has become increasingly dangerous.

Treguard: That 'gentleman' we just encountered at long range is Lord Fear... No time to linger, I think.

Kathryn arrives at a clearing. A wardress enters, introducing herself as Gwendoline the Greenwarden.

Gwendoline: "The Powers that Be have tasked me to stop the spoilers and root out ignorance."

The team answer a riddle and earn a password.

In the next chamber, a wall advances to block the doorway. The password makes the wall vanish.

Kathryn emerges into a mechanical elevator, which unnerves Pickle again.

Treguard: "It may be mechanical, but it's also spellbound."

Kathryn asks it to move, and it takes her down to Level 2.

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