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Level 2

The Eye Shield leads up a flight of stairs and across a corridor.

Hordriss the Confuser is sat in a large chamber, having reached the status of Wizard of the First Level.

Hordriss: "Since the recent, if belated, recognition of one's true worth, one has been simply overwhelmed with appointments."

The team agree to retrieve a bone for Hordriss. In return, he gives Kathryn a box containing a pixie.

Hordriss: "Do not let her out until you encounter Opposition forces."

In a large chamber, Kathryn encounters two goblins and a guard. She releases Pixel, who fends off the goblin master.

The pixie seeks some recognition for her efforts, then offers to accompany Kathryn for more fun.

The team arrive at a floor puzzle made up of knightly symbols.

After a pause, the pixie offers some advice from the box: "don't be offensive".


The team progress well through the puzzle, but Kathryn takes a step too many and falls to her doom.

Treguard: "A slip for Kathryn, team, so the rest of you must fall with her."

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