In Series 7, two teams successfully completed their quests.

Team 6: Julie, Helen, Samantha and Helen from Staffordshire

Julie has collected three pieces of the Arken Shield under instruction from the Celtic wizard, Grimaldine.

How Team 6 reached this stage.

She enters the quest room. The completed Arken Shield is visible in the corner of the screen.

Julie draws the Sword from a stone. Lord Fear appears.

Lord Fear: "Well, look where you are. You know, the trouble with pushy little people like you is that you don't know when to quit. Well, I'm, going to take that decision from you."

Treguard ushers the team to do something. They ask Julie to hold up the eye-shield and say 'Arken'.

Just in time, they realise it's a spell! They spell-cast ARKEN, which releases the shield. It engulfs Lord Fear as he prepares to smite Julie!

Julie emerges into a corridor in the Tower of Goth. Majida frets over how Julie will get out.

Treguard: "Julie needs a RETURN, and that means a friendly sorcerer or sorceress…"

The team summon 'Gwen'. Greystagg appears.

Greystagg: "Who dares summon me?"

Julie offers revenge against Lord Fear: not only has she retrieved the Sword, she has also held him with the Arken Shield. Greystagg gifts a RETURN spell.

Greystagg: "And now… REVENGE!"

The team spell casts RETURN, which sends Julie flying upwards through the dungeon to the antechamber.


Majida is very excited to celebrate her first victory! She climbs down from the Quest Table to help Julie with the Sword.

  • Treguard: "Hordriss? Trophy time!"
  • Hordriss: "Treguard. And Julie! And the Sword?! A winning quest! I'll be right with you!"

Hordriss appears in the antechamber to fashion four Frightknight trophies (an upgrade from one in Series 5 and 6!)

Hordriss: "I know it is a small reward. But then, you have the fame. And with fame, what need the fortune? For few have achieved what you have achieved…"

Treguard: "Let's get this winning team home… Congratulations, and farewell!"

Interview with Julie and Sam in The Quest.

Team 7: Barry, Simon, Derek and Daniel from Worcestershire

For the second team to complete the dungeon in Series 7, see the End Of Series page.

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