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Level 2

Barry describes his ride as 'first-class travel'! Smirkenorff tells him about the Rift of Angar.

Spyglass: Lissard has discovered that Hordriss is smitten with the tavern maid, Marta.

Lord Fear: "Girl after my own heart - if I had one. Which I don't."

Lissard suggests recruiting Marta using 'subtle stratagems'. Fear has a much simpler idea, and turns Lissard into a replica of Marta to deceive Hordriss.

Fear then asks Lissard out on a date!

Barry escapes as a hibernating troll wields its axe.

The Level 2 clues are in a dwarf tunnel. The scroll reads: "Sometimes one has to put one's foot down".

They decide to take a boot and a 'Fireproof' potion, leaving behind gold and a jar of humbugs.

Sidriss is leading the Academy of Magic, with Fidjit in attendance. Sidriss is frustrated that she has been left out of her depth because Hordriss is 'besotted with that girl'.

Barry tells Sidriss about Lissard masquerading as the maid. Fidjit says the team needs the assistance of the Witch Queen to gain a REVEAL spell.

Fidjit opens the door to the Firebomb room, where WitchAmber is hidden. Barry uses the 'Fireproof' potion to protect himself from the fireballs that are shot across the walkways.

Raptor and the goblins appear in the mural room. Barry puts the boot down. A large boot appears on-screen and squashes each one of them in turn.

Greystagg's antechamber. Barry approaches to ask her for support.

She is initially sceptical about Lord Fear's plans to expose Hordriss. Eventually, she considers exchanging the WitchAmber for a REVEAL spell.

Greystagg: "I suppose it proves the dictum that there is no fool like an old fool. Men! Mountebank or Mage - they're all the same."

In another courtyard, Barry finds a scroll: "Surprise". The Brollachan appears! The team cannot remember when asked the name of the rift valley, but Barry guesses convincingly.

The Trial by Spikes. The combination is provided on a scroll at the beginning of the puzzle. Goblins come running onto the board to intimidate, but the boys stay on task.

It later transpired that Barry's team weren't due to face this obstacle. Simon tells us:

We weren't "due" to win (as I understood it)... The room with the spikes coming out of the floor was actually filmed much later to act as a bit of filler.

At the tavern, Hordriss is sat at a table with Marta. It's clear from verbal cues that she is Lissard in disguise.

Barry tries warning Hordriss first, but he won't believe a word of it.

Derek casts the REVEAL spell, leaving Lissard in Marta's place. The seneschal makes a swift exit.

The team bargains with a stunned Hordriss. In return for discretion, he agrees to help them to Level 3.

Hordriss leads Barry to the next room and reveals a stairway.

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