In 1996, Tim Child, Creator and Producer of Knightmare, was interviewed for the Eye Shield fanzine.

Do you have one outstanding memory of Knightmare?

Tim Child: Probably the team of Jewish boys in the last series, who you may remember all came wearing their skull caps. They were all eleven, and became almost uncontrollably excited about their adventure! They became totally absorbed in what they were doing, and we had to think about toning the adventure down, just to calm them somehow!

Worse still, was that Children's TV does not allow swearing or blaspheming in any show, so we had a lot of editing to do! We must have cut out about 200 "Oh God's" (It was more like two dozen actually).

See the whole interview.


From the team

In March 2001, Justin Kett signed the Guestbook.

Knightmare was the best experience of my life. All the guys still talk about it, and every time I mention it in public, someone remembers us being on it.

Believe it or not, we are all still bitter about the way we were killed - they really hated us by the end, and all because of Gideon's cockiness!! We do remember that we were only 12 years old, and naive with it.

Gideon does know his left from right now - he had to learn for Cambridge to let him in!


In July 2005, Justin signed again!

I'm writing again now because I still find it so funny how people still come up to me quite randomly and ask me if it was really me on it - all thanks to Challenge TV!!

It's just so weird and shows how popular Knightmare really was. It would be fantastic if it was released onto DVD.


The Quest Interview

The team were interviewed for 'The Quest' fanzine (Volume 4).

If we don't win then we still had an amazing experience - Daniel Sacker

Read 'The Quest' Interview (Volume 4.1, Page 4).

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