Level 2

Nathan emerges at the Sewers of Goth, where Snapper-Jack appears to ask his riddles. This time, it's clearer the team was treading a fine line.

Snapper-Jack: "Well, guessy, guessy, guessy. Two gets you through…"

With no boat, this is the first time a dungeoneer exits the sewer without travelling across it first.

Into the Level 2 clue room. The scroll reads: "Travel Light - fall slowly."

They choose a Sight potion and a feather, leaving a dagger.

Spyglass: Lord Fear has transformed a Skeletron into a replica of Sidriss. We see him ordering it around, to Lissard's amusement.

Lord Fear: "I sometimes wonder why men go through this courtship and marriage business, when for a few bits of silver, you can have something like this that costs nothing to feed and doesn't give you any lip!"

Fear intends to use his 'bimboid' to attack Hordriss the Confuser.

Onto the formidable 'Play Your Cards Right' puzzle (with new beat SFX).

Majida hints that they need something to improve their vision, so they use the Sight potion.

When the sequence changes from suite to number, this is the only time we hear the thought process discussed in full.

The advisors disagree over how to proceed, but the majority vote carries. Nathan becomes only the third (and the youngest) dungeoneer to survive it.

A large black cat is sat in the next room, which everybody understands to be Hordriss in disguise.

Treguard: "Be careful, team. Try talking to him without letting on that you know it's - him."

Nathan makes a breakthrough by asking the cat if it knows a person called Sidriss. Hordriss then reveals himself with his usual pomp and ceremony.

When he learns of Lord Fear's 'bimboid', he offers to accompany Nathan until they encounter it.

They find it in the trapdoor chamber. Hordriss believes nothing is amiss but the advisors see the dagger outside his line of sight.

They prompt Nathan to warn him until he changes his mind.

Hordriss uses a charm of true-seeing, and promptly destroys the Skeletron.

Since Nathan is carrying the 'feather of falling', Hordriss opens the trapdoor to send him down to Level 3.

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