Hear from the team

In December 2000, Nathan Coppen submitted an entry to the Bring Back Knightmare Petition:

Why do you want Knightmare back?

Because I was on the programme (Series 8 Team 3). As a child it was the most entertaining and graphically impressive programme on. There's nothing I would like to see more than another series!!!

In August 2002, Karen signed the guestbook:

Hurrah, a website that means my friends can see me as a scary-looking 12-year-old!

Filming Knightmare was great fun (except for the hideous coach journey – damn train strikes). The stories that came from our real-life adventure still keep us laughing!

In June 2007, Cat also signed it:

It was an amazing experience and really good fun to see how the show was made!


Did you know?

Karen was really hoping they would meet Sidriss. We can't imagine she was expecting a version made from semi-conductors!

The Quest Interview with Series 8 - Team 3.

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