A compendium of images, reviews, and features relating to the Mindscape computer game. Includes details of the game box, the Amiga Format Demo, and a review from Special Reserve.

Knightmare - Amiga & Atari ST

[Mindscape 1992]

An extract of the text from the back of the game box:

"You are setting forth into another place, another time, another world," said Treguard, The Dungeon Master. "And what makes you think that you four mere mortals will succeed in The Quest when so many others have failed?"

I understood, at that moment, that our mission was going to take all our endurance, all our collective skill, and, most of all a depth of courage, that I wasn't sure we possessed.

Ever since Knightmare hit our screens, the world has been waiting for a computer game worthy of the name. The wait is over.

Tony Crowther's amazing re-creation of the series has everything. Using the same ultra-sophisticated game system that made "Captive" (adventure game of the year 1990), 'Knightmare' puts you in control in a mystical adventure where you are challenged to solve complex puzzles, logic problems and riddles. You will need wisdom , tenacity, alacrity, and, above all, courage.


Game Box

Thanks to Sidriss Starshine who has transcribed the full text from the back of the game box, and has scanned the following pictures:


Front of the box


Back of the box


Pickle giving hints in the manual above a scroll


Treguard & Pickle in the antechamber (on the inside cover of the manual)


Treguard standing outside Dunshelm Castle (on the centre pages of the manual)

Within the game manual there is also a short story over the first few pages which was written by Tim Child. It introduces the game using four boys who go looking for the Elf portal into the Knightmare realm.

The game was originally sold for £23.49 through the Knightmare Adventurers Club, and later reduced to £12.99. I think it cost more in the shops, though.


Special Reserve

This review taken from a magazine, 1993.

This game is based loosely on the TV series of the same name and features the character Treguard who pops up from time to time to offer advice.


The action takes place from the first person perspective as your team explores forests and dungeons in their quest to kill Lord Fear. Along the way you'll encounter traps, puzzles, treasure and monsters which display the annoying habit of being more than sword fodder. Once you've stumbled across them they don't always wait around for you to return and kill them. Instead, they come looking for you or set up an ambush.

All in all the four quests you have to complete before meeting Lord Fear will keep you occupied for quite some time. The control system is standard, with each character having his/her own set of control icons and inventory.

If you liked Captive and generally enjoy RPGs, then you won't be disappointed with this.


Fascinating Fact

A playable demo of Knightmare was given with the February 1992 issue of Amiga Format:

Knightmare is a dungeon game and the aim is to explore the caverns, kill the monsters and collect the treasure. Your team has four adventurers, one of whom wears a helmet which provides the eyesight for the group.


Knightmare is mouse controlled with the left button initiating get/move commands and the right button action commands. Clicking on the cluster of arrows moves you left/right/forward/back/up/down/turn right/turn left. To get or use objects or buttons, click on them with the left mouse button.

When you've picked something up, you can put it in the hands (the row of colour-coded cushions) or the backpacks by clicking on the game window with the right button. To attack, click with the right button over the hand you want to hit with. This brings up a range of options (punch, kick, stab etc.) and just click on the desired option with the right button.

To pre-set these options, use the left button. The cushion will have a little red triangle, showing it has been primed. Simply click on the cushion with the right button to activate the chosen action. it will be cross hatched for a second or two while the character recovers from the blow, but once it clears you can strike out again."



On the woodland section of Level 1, use the spade to help you find the five apples. Take these apples and throw them at the quest shield that hangs on the wall. Make each character consume two rabbit pies from the inventory screen.

Continue with your quest and you should find that your hit points never decrease.


How to play the Knightmare demo on a PC.

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