Ray Lockton, the team captain of the winning Series 5 Team 4 talks about his experiences of Knightmare, including the process of auditioning and actually taking part.

Series 5, Team 4

The story of the winning team


Ben, John, Ray and Jonathan from Exeter

(See the quest description for a reminder)

A HUGE thanks to Ray Lockton, team leader and advisor from the winning team of series 5, for sending me around 125 photos and scans describing their trip to the auditions back in 1991, then their visit to Norwich to film their quest in the Anglia studios!

Hopefully, you'll find this a fascinating insight into what Knightmare teams really went through, including the whole process of being auditioned, invited to take part, sorting out travel, hotels and explaining the rules of the game and the studio arrangements.

The images are arranged in a 'slide-show' format (with captions written by Ray), and are divided into 4 parts. Enjoy!


Part 1 - To The Audition - 15 Slides

March 1991, and after a successful application, Ray's team is invited for an audition at a hotel in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Includes their audition invitation letter.

Part 2 - After The Audition - 10 Slides

The team are invited to appear on Knightmare. See the letters, arrangements and Adventurer's Code issued to all teams.

Part 3 - The Recording

This part is divided into 5 sub-sections:

Part 3.1 - From Exeter to Norwich - 20 Slides

Excitement builds as the team head for Norwich.

Part 3.2 - In & Around Norwich - 16 Slides

The team arrive in Norwich and check out their hotel, and are introduced to the Anglia studio in preparation for filming. As their quest was not ready to begin yet (the previous team were still filming), they tour the sights around Norwich to pass time.

Part 3.3 - In Anglia Studio E - 20 Slides

Finally, the team are called to the studio on the third day of their stay at Norwich. There is some waiting time in the green room and on the roof before filming starts. Then lunch in the canteen, and back to filming with further waiting in the green room between scenes (as the production team set up). Luckily the green room has computer and board games to keep teams occupied. Oh, there is also a TV to watch how previous teams did!

After three days of filming, they complete their quests and get their scrolls signed by Hugo Myatt (Treguard), David Learner (Pickle) and Clifford Norgate (Hordriss).

Part 3.4 - Studio Tour - 24 Slides

The team are given a tour of the studio, including a look at the set, Smirkenorff, quest objects, lighting system, vision room, sound room and graphics room. Oh, and a peer into the make-up room!

Part 3.5 - Going Home - 14 Slides

With the Frightknight trophy and award scrolls safely in their hands, they encounter the next team (also from Exeter!) and spend the rest of the day watching their quest progress, and celebrating their own win. But, since the next team's quest was so short (they died on a Level 1 causeway), both teams ended up going home together on the same train!


Part 4 - The Aftermath - 4 Slides

Ray's team receive a congratulatory letter from Broadsword, and a letter from the next team who they met on the last day of filming.


Also, have you ever wondered what Knightmare advisors write on their clipboards during quests? Well, the answer is here: Ray's Kneepad Notes.


All photos in this section are © Ray Lockton (1991)

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