Ray Lockton discusses and shows photos of his trip home after the filming of his appearance in series 5 of Knightmare.

Part 3.5 - Going Home

There's the little fellow again.

Now it was the turn of Andrea Barber's team, a team of girls also from Exeter! Meanwhile we all watched in amazement as Ben knocked back yet another glass of beer!

As Ben knocks it back, Jonathan puts on the Gorm once again.

I try to force a smile, as we queue to tell our parents the good news!

Ben, half-drunk, holds up his scroll.

Near the station, and all this rush for what?

To have to wait for half an hour for the train.

When it arrived we all seated ourselves down, and realised how tired we all were!

The stations simply rolled by...

With only a few glimpses of our scrolls to console us, the girls team also travelled with us and were seated opposite. Because of this we did not take out the trophy in order not to down-hearten then. Aren't we nice?

But Ben, unable to sleep because of a hangover, delved in his bag and made...

A make-shift ice-pack, and soon he was out like a light.

But soon enough, when we looked out of the window, we saw the green, green grass of home!

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