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Knightmare Mentions on Radio

By David Goldstein

Knightmare and its famous theme tune feature regularly on national, regional, independent and student radio shows.

Radio X (2018)

The Knightmare theme was played on Radio X on 16 April 2018.

It was part of a 'guess the theme tune' game on The Chris Moyles Show. Although no one in the studio guessed the theme, some people tweeted Radio X with the correct answer.

The theme tune game starts around 1 hour 50 minutes in.

Radio X (formerly Xfm) and its breakfast show have a good history with Knightmare. On air in 2010, Dave Berry talked about Knightmare and his related appearance on Richard Bacon's Beer and Pizza Club.

Josh Widdicombe, who has presented shows for the station, is also a Knightmare fan.

The Knightmare theme is by Ed Welch, who also wrote themes for Blockbusters and Catchphrase.

Radio Wey (2017)

On 8 January 2017, Matt Richings was the guest on Behind the Voice, a Radio Wey show hosted by Robin Whitbread.

Matt talked about the most significant things in his life, including joining the Knightmare fan community in the early noughties. Matt gave a brief description of Knightmare and referred to this website.

Matt's contributions and company have been enjoyed by many in the community. Among various projects, he helped to film our Knightmare Convention in 2014. Adapting his name to a prominent Knightmare surname, he posts on our forum as Myatt.

You can hear Matt's own show, Pick 'n' Mix, every Saturday from 12pm on Radio Wey.

Absolute Radio (2014)

Knightmare's theme tune (original version) was heard on the Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio on Friday 17 October 2014, followed by a brief description of how Knightmare worked.

This was done to introduce Project Floor, a new game in which two callers alternately direct co-presenter Richie, clad in a "Wickes safety helmet", one square at a time across a grid consisting of different types of flooring to win DIY prizes while avoiding holes. Thank you to Canadanne of the Forum for reporting this.

Tommy Boyd, who introduced Knightmare Series 5 and 6 in the 1990s as the main presenter on CITV, has also talked about Knightmare on his radio shows. Iain Lee is a fan too and was interviewed about Knightmare for Channel's 4 countdown of the 100 greatest kids' TV programmes (Knightmare came 16th) in 2001.

The Knightmare theme tune, which was composed by Ed Welch (Catchphrase, Blockbusters), also cropped up just over a year ago on BBC One's I Love My Country.

Kerrang Radio (2007)

Knightmare was mentioned in the Offside show on Kerrang radio, followed by the theme tune, after Knightmare fan James Aukett got in touch.

DownloadKnightmare on Kerrang (4.44MB)

Dream FM and LUSH FM (2004)

Knightmare and this website was mentioned by DJ Alex Warwick on Dream 107.7 (Chelmsford, Essex). He also mentioned it on LUSH FM (Leicester University's radio station). Thanks to Ian Smith for letting us know.

LBC (2004 / 1999)

Iain Lee mentioned Knightmare on LBC (London) on 19 August 2004 during a phone-in about old TV shows. Iain asked a caller if they remembered Knightmare (which they did). Iain briefly described the show and mentioned that it's on Challenge TV every night.

The next call was from a old lady who didn't watch Knightmare much originally but now watches every evening and will not be distracted by anything.

In 1999, TV critic Marcus Berkman dropped Knightmare a mention on LBC's Clive Bull show.

DownloadKnightmare on LBC (121.02kB)

Warwick University Radio (2003)

Ben Cottam from Warwick University's radio station got in touch to say he co-presents a show every Friday 5-7pm and it is their 'unofficial policy to mention Knightmare and Hugo Myatt every episode'! Long may that continue.

talkSPORT (2001)

On Tommy Boyd's 'Human Zoo' radio show (talkSPORT 1089/1053am), Jake Ash phoned in to talk about Knightmare. As a former Children's ITV presenter and honorary member of the Knightmare Adventurer's Club, it's fair to say that Tommy remembered it well. There was a brief conversation about the campaign to bring it back.

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