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Audio and Video Projects

Knightmare fans have produced a number of audio and video projects that are inspired by the show

Particular highlights include Notmare, the parody Knightmare show produced by Knightmare.com, as well as music videos, theme remixes, an audio series, and audio dramatisations of the show.

In This Section

Enter the Knightmare - Evil Scarecrow

Evil Scarecrow - Galactic Hunt

Evil Scarecrow's heavy metal homage to Knightmare - with added Hugo Myatt.

Knightmare Audio Series

Knightmare Audio Series logo

Ross Thompson talks about his latest project, a new series of Knightmare presented in audio form.

Nod to Knightmare in Music Video

From music video for Arabella by Puppy

Here's a music video for Knightmare fans to enjoy. The song is Arabella, the band is Puppy.

Notmare Series 1

Notmare Castle exterior from credits

What happens when the staff of Knightmare.com get hold of a studio and have a weekend to spare? Answer: Notmare.

The Dunshelm Players

Logo of the Dunshelm Players audio drama group.

The Dunshelm Players are a drama/storytelling group that formed in 2005 to create audio-based and prose-based media based on Knightmare.

Theme Remixes and Covers

Audio mixing desk. Photo by Wim Coenen for FreeImages.

Download a selection of fan remixes of the classic Knightmare theme tune. For the nostalgic amongst you, there's also some Nokia ringtones.

Tree Friend Tree Foe: Bolt Action Five

Oakley, the Tree Troll. Voiced by Clifford Norgate.

"It's never just a TV show. It's the best thing I've ever known." A musical tribute to the Greater Game.