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Fan Fiction

Here we present a collection of fan-fiction produced by the Knightmare community

These include an interactive story game (featuring Tim Child, the creator of Knightmare), and crossovers between other shows. Some of the stories are also set in the world of Knightmare and feature the same characters from the show.

In This Section

A Day in Goth

The sewers of Goth with miremen

Lord Fear gets a taste of his own medicine. Fanfic by Emily Evans.

Are You There?

Fanart - sketch of Knightmare quest by emiib

Treguard loses his sovereignty when a new team behaves strangely. A gripping fanfic, by Emily Evans.

Breaking the Rules

Fanart - sketch of Knightmare quest by emiib

Pickle runs into grave trouble in the dungeon. Could this be the end of the mischievous elf? Fanfic, by Emily Evans.

Crossed Paths

Treguard holding helmet of justice

A 17,000-word, 8 chapter tale by David Ishida.

Enter, Leaper

Quantum leap cover

Quantum Leap meets Knightmare and the world of Motley in the first of a series of innovative fanfics connecting the two shows.

Gold, Frankincense and Merlin

Merlin the magician

In 2005, Knightmare fans embarked on their fourth Interactive Story: a Knightmare fanfic written jointly by members of our forum, one post at a time.

I, Julius

Quantum leap cover

Quantum Leap's second brush with Knightmare, into the world of the merchant prince.

Interactive Story with Tim Child

Book with pen

A collaborative fanfic with the Knightmare forum members and Tim Child, plus illustrations by Emily Evans.

Knighty Knight Mare

The Chuckle Brothers

The Chuckle Brothers become contestants on a new series of Knightmare.


Fanart - sketch of Knightmare quest by emiib

The adventures of Knightmare RPG character, Kully. Fanfic, by Emily Evans.

The Battle of Twinn

Fanart - sketch of Knightmare quest by emiib

A feeling of deja-vu on a new season spells trouble. Fanfic, by Emily Evans.

The Cure for Disruption

Quantum leap cover

Fanfiction: Quantum Leap crosses over into Knightmare for a fourth time.

The Endless Quest

Quantum leap cover

The third of an enthralling polyptych amalgamating the worlds of Knightmare and Quantum Leap. "Oh boy!"

The Three of Hearts

A selection of playing cards, with the three of hearts highlighted in colour. Adaptation of 'gaming cards in hands' by Midhun Joy from Pexels (free to use licence).

Fanfiction: when Brother Mace tried to give Giles a joker, why did he pick out the three of hearts?

The Unwelcome

Merlin (John Woodnutt) and Treguard (Hugo Myatt) in Series 4 of Knightmare (1990).

Treguard unearths a terrible secret from Merlin after a dungeoneer dies for real. Fanfic by Stephen Reid.

The Valley of Dreaming

Majida and Treguard looking into pool, Series 8 Episode 1

Treguard, Lord of Knightmare, steps into the confusion of all his past dungeons. Fanfic, by Andrew Buckley.