Series 4 - Level 1 - Fatilla affected by JOKE spell

Knightmare Comic Series

By FrightKnight

Knightmare fan and former forumite Mark 'Frightknight' Dowling has created a mini comic series to toast 25 years since the fantasy series first graced the screens of Children's ITV.

These cartoons were released on Mark's 'Mad Owl' website.

The first comic strip from 'Mad Owl' Mark Dowling to commemorate 25 years of Knightmare.
The introduction of Terry Vincent

They follow the adventure of TV presenter Terry Vincent, who has been tasked with interviewing Hugo Myatt, who played Treguard in all eight series of the show which ran until 1994.

The second comic strip from 'Mad Owl' Mark Dowling to commemorate 25 years of Knightmare.
Treguard tells all to Terry

As it quickly transpires, it appears that being the dungeon master for 112 episodes has had an effect on Mr Myatt's mind.

The third comic strip from 'Mad Owl' Mark Dowling to commemorate 25 years of Knightmare.
Treguard reveals his advantages

Now he believes he really did master the dungeons shortly before the series began...

The fourth comic strip from 'Mad Owl' Mark Dowling to commemorate 25 years of Knightmare.
Terry gets uneasy around Treguard

The fifth and final comic in the series was published on the 25th Anniversary since Knightmare was first broadcast on September 7, 1987.

The fifth and final comic strip from 'Mad Owl' Mark Dowling to commemorate 25 years of Knightmare.
Treguard's spell has no effect anymore

Transcript for screenreaders

Terry: Good evening folks. I'm Terry Vincent, and welcome to another edition of Looking Back - the show which gleefully skips down memory lane.

Terry: Tonight, we turn our attention to the 25th anniversary of the Dungeons and Dragons inspired role-playing romp that was Children's ITC UK hit of the late 1980s and early 90s, Knightmare.

Terry: And who better to discuss the secrets behind the show's success that the actor who played the dungeon master Treguard himself, Hugo Myatt?

Treguard: Ahhhhh! at long last, a new adventurer! Enter, Stranger...

Terry: So, Hugo Myatt-

Treguard: Hugo? Who is this 'Hugo'? My name is Treguard, and I mastered the Knightmare dungeons 25 months ago.

Terry: Um, right... well, in that case, 'Treguard', tell us how you defeated all the traps and tasks laid before you then.

Treguard: Ahh, well adventurer - normally I don't reveal how I conquered the catacombs, but seeing as it has been ages since the last dungeoneer... I shall tell all.

Treguard: Firstly, I suppose I should confess that being an adult dungeoneer carried one big advantage, namely that the helmet of justice fit me perfectly, unlike all who followed me... This way I didn't have to be guided by kids who didn't know their left from their right.

Terry: Wait, you could see where you were going? I thought all the dungeon visuals were only made possible thanks to the use of blue-screen chroma key technology?

Treguard: I spurned the quest for the blue chrome key in favour of freeing the maid. With the sight I had other advantages that young dungeoneers did not. The ability to jump cleanly... Easily avoid traps... Threaten people with daggers.

[Cuts away briefly to Treguard threatening Motley the Jester]

Terry: Look, Hugo, are you sure you're all ri-

Treguard: I then progressed to level three, where I blocked and tacked, professed my true love for a gargoyle, rode a dragon, played my cards right, cowered in the corridor of blades, replenished my life force and made out with the maid I rescued, earning my silver spurs that day.

Terry: Listen, I'd best be going...

Treguard: But Terence! I have been say waiting here for 18 years to see a new dungeoneer - where are your advisors? Lord Fear needs to be challenged and nobody has yet won the quest for the chalice...

Terry: GAH! What is this?

Treguard: That's my assistant Pickle. All too quiet lately. Come on Pickle, don't be silly, get the quest book out.

Terry: But... but he's dead!

Treguard: Is he? Ooh... Nasty!

Treguard: Well Terence, if you are unwilling to date my dungeons, I shall just have to bid your farewell. Spellcasting: D-I-S-M-I-S-S.

[Nothing happens. They stare blankly at each other.]

Terry: Okaaayyy... I'll be going now.

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