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RPG Season 1 Quest 1

By Nicholas Lam

The first ever quest of the Interactive Knightmare RPG. The dungeoneer is Anton.

Session 1 - 16.10.99

Here's what happened during the first ever Interactive Knightmare RPG on 16th October 1999, 7-8pm. (Some lines have been removed to avoid confusion - people leaving/entering the room etc.)

Treguard is the host

Anton is the dungeoneer


Treguard Let us see, who is brave enough to path through the dungeon. Enter Strangers. Who Challenges my dungeon?

Anton Anton

Treguard You have some small previous experience of dungeoneering I hope?

Anton a bit

Treguard Very well then

Treguard Now let me explain the rules of the dungeon to you. You have a knapsack with which you must put food into. You also have a life force. To feed your life force, you must place any food in this knapsack, but place only food there, for any other objects will also be consumed.

Treguard When you put food into your knapsack, your life force will go to what is known as condition green. If you tread badly on the path you will lose one grade of life force. Tread badly again and you will perish.

Treguard Also, I Treguard will be your guide. I will describe objects and settings to you and even talk you through conversations with any people you may meet, friend or foe unfortunately.

Treguard Any movement you want to make must be done through me.

Treguard In this realm lie four of the classic quest objects. Decide now which will be the object of your quest : The cup that heals which some call the chalice, the the sword of freedom, the crown in glory or the shield in justice.

Anton the cup please

Treguard Okay, off you go. Oh I'm sorry I didn't ask you if you had any last requests, but you're not going to turn back now are you?

Anton no way

Treguard Very well, turn then, face the door and take a step forwards

Treguard You enter a room. The room has four walls with various paintings of old wizards on them. At the far end of the room is an exit. In the middle of the room is a chair with an old man sitting on it

Anton walk over to the man please

Treguard "Ah, hello. I am Merlin. Anyway, what is your name?

Anton Anton

Treguard "Glad to meet you. It's just as well you're here, as I need someone's service, from someone who I am able to trust as I'm sure you know, nowadays trust is earned and is not necessarily found in great quantity in these parts of the dungeon. Not when there are goblins around.

Treguard I am in search of an object sacred to me. It is a staff. It controls and focuses my magic. For without it I am totally defenseless, and indeed useless, which reminds me, I wonder what that young lady was talking about when she said that I was socially deprived. Er, would I be able to rely on you?

Anton yes

Treguard "I'm glad to see that we could come to some sort of arrangement. Now, I don't know where you'll find the staff, but I have heard that it has been stolen by someone, possibly by a merchant, I can't remember what his name is though. Sorry. If he was to use the staff, then it would split into three pieces, he would still control one of the pieces though, but the rest could be scattered across the level. When you recover the

Treguard here is a wand in return for your acceptance. It is called REVEAL. As it is more of a simple magical wand, I will allow you to keep it, but without having the disability of only being able to pick up 1 other object.

Treguard "Now hurry because even these parts of the levels are not safe, and be careful of goblins in the forest, you wouldn't want to meet any of them now would you?"

Treguard The old wizard gets up from his chair and exits mumbling endlessly to himself. You are now alone in the room and there is an exit

Anton please exit the room

Treguard You emerge in a forest clearing. Ahead of you is a table with some items on it which you can't identify at this distance. A few feet away from the table is a tree, which seems to be looking you. There is also a forest path at the other side of the clearing.

Anton walk up to the table please

Anton what are the items

Treguard You start to look at the objects on the table when the tree suddenly starts talking to you.

Treguard "Leaf mold and bark. Stand still thief. I am Oakley, of the clan wood. I am over 1,000 years old and are the last of my kind since the removal of the rest of my species by humans. To pass any further test you I will, and test you now. Answer 1 question correctly and you may pass. Answer 2 questions and I may give you a clue as to what items you should take from the table. Answer 3 questions and you gain my trust, as I will help you.

Anton ok

Treguard Very Well

Treguard Q. In Greek Mythology, what planet is known as the bringer of war?

Anton Mars

Treguard Correct

Treguard Q. What is the process given to the name of transforming a base metal into Gold?

Anton pass

Treguard Never mind, it's alchemy

Treguard Q. In this realm lie four of the basic scientific elements. What are these?

Anton earth, wind, water and fire

Treguard Correct

Treguard You have answered two questions truthfully. Take whatever items you wish. You'll find five objects on the table. The loaf of bread will nourish you. The lantern has some use as it will light the path ahead, but I don't think that you and the lantern have a positive MATCH. The key will unlock some of the doors on this level which can not be open by any other means. I'm not too sure about the piece of wand, but it definitely

Treguard The face sinks back into the tree. There is an exit and an undiscovered table in front of you.

Anton please repeat the items on the table

Treguard You look at the table, there are 5 objects on it. A loaf of bread, A Lantern A key A piece of wand Gold

Treguard I can describe an object to you if you wish!

Anton put the bread in knapsack

Treguard Your health is restored

Anton describe wand

Treguard The wand looks like it belongs to a mage or wizard of a very high level. It looks like it has been broken in half.

Anton Take the key and gold, walk towards the clearing

Treguard You pick up the objects. You enter a room with two doors, one on the left and one on the right. The one on the left is locked, but the one on the right is not.

Anton unlock the left door and take it

Treguard You unlock the left door. It swings open heavily and moans in its use. You notice that a hissing sound can be heard, and then a word pops up. The word spells REVEAL.

Anton use the reveal wand given by Merlin

Treguard You hold the wand up. Suddenly it sparks to life and the whole room fills with light. When the near blinding light fades away, you look at the door and see that the word REVEAL has disappeared and the doorway is unblocked. After using the key and the REVEAL wand you discard them both, since they are now no use to you.

Anton walk into the room

Treguard You exit through the door and find yourself on a path. Along the path you spot a small Bar of Gold.

Treguard You are carrying 1 object at present

Anton I already have gold

Treguard You continue along the path until you come to a stall. At the stall, a man is moving some goods about. He turns round and comes towards you, then he pulls you to his stall. On the stall you see various types of clothing and some foodstuffs. On the edge of the stall are two pieces of a wand. "I am Julius Scaramonger. Merchant by trade, merchant by nature. Yeah, the merchant prince they call me".

Anton ooo i dunno

Treguard Perhaps some horns, or magical items!

Anton how much are your clothes that your selling

Anton don't tell me, one block of gold

Treguard I'm afraid that they are defiantly worth more than you are carrying, but can I interest you in any other items?

Treguard We're having a sale on magical items this week!

Anton well how about the piece of wand there, let's say both of them

Anton they are magic

Treguard Well, what do you have to offer?

Anton they must be on sale

Anton GOLD

Treguard Oh, alright. Since you seem so keen on them. You can have both of the pieces. He gives you the two pieces of wand. "Hey hang on a minute. Did Merlin send you to collect his staff? No wonder I can't get the damn thing to work, maybe if I hold you hostage, he might change his mind."

Anton who is Merlin

Treguard Merlin? MERLIN???? He is the owner of these pieces of wand! I stole them from him, but they aren't any use to me!

Anton i didn't really want the staff remember, but it's because your not selling me the clothes

Anton so can i have the pieces of staff please

Treguard I tell you what, take the bloody staff! With that, you run off to the exit with the tow pieces of staff.

Anton they aren't any use to you

Treguard You exit the room and continue along the path. As you continue you see a piece of Merlin's staff and pick it up. You then realise that the piece of wand that you saw before hand was a fake!

Treguard You continue to exit. PLEASE WAIT

Treguard You enter a room. Ahead of you is a massive iron door which is closed. Merlin suddenly enters the room.

Treguard Ah, thank you, you have found my staff. Can I have it please?

Anton here you go

Treguard For helping me, I will open the exit of level 1 up, and the start to level 2. OPEN SESAME. The door in front of you opens. Thank you young person. Through the door, you will see a dragon. Sit on him and he will fly you to level 2. Goodbye!

Treguard Merlin exits.

Anton walk onto the dragon and sit down please

Treguard You sit down in the seat. The dragon starts to make heavy breathing noises and flaps its wings. Soon, you are soaring your way to level 2.

Treguard Eventually you land in a castle courtyard. The castle is made of various types of stone, though mostly composed of granite. There is a table in front of you with some objects on it & a set of stairs at the back of the courtyard. Your life-force is at condition yellow?

Anton what state is yellow

Anton walk to the table, what is on it please

Treguard (After yellow, you can make 1 more mistake, but after that, that's it.) You look at the objects on the table. There is a: Scroll, Pineapple, Book, Stick, Bottle, Mask. You are currently carrying no objects.

Treguard I can describe an object to you

Anton read the scroll

Treguard The scroll says: Put it out carefully, but remember that there's always time to play throw with the dog.

Anton put the pineapple in your knapsack

Treguard You pick up the pineapple, which restores your energy

Anton take the stick and describe the bottle and mask

Treguard You can't tell what the bottle contains, but it does appear to be a clear substance

Treguard The mask resembles that worn by assassins.

Anton also take the bottle then

Treguard You take the objects

Treguard There is an exit available to you.

Anton take the exit

Treguard You walk towards the doorway at the end of the courtyard. You then go through several hallways before emerging into the next room.

Treguard The room contains a bridging floor which is made up of rows of hexagons. There are 5 rows of hexagons each with different drawings on. As this is a puzzle, you must cross the bridge Stating which hexagon you wish to go on next. You look up at the wall and see a drawing. There are pictures of The Earth, A flame, a gust of wind, and a pool of water. Under the drawing is written: Keep in order.

Treguard You walk up to the first row.

Anton what is on the first row?

Treguard There are two choices. Earth & fire

Anton and the second row?

Treguard You can't see it from here.

Treguard [You must progress from row to row]

Anton step onto the earth block

Treguard There are now three choices. Water, Fire, Wind [Fire]

Anton fire block please

Treguard There are now four choices. Wind, Fire, Water, Earth

Anton wind block please

Treguard There are now three choices. Earth, Wind, Water [Water]

Anton take water please

Treguard [Sorry, I had a fault with the script!!!]

Treguard There are now two choices. Fire, Earth

Anton earth please

Treguard You made it to the edge of the room and exit.

Treguard You emerge in a room which resembles a torture chamber. There are two platforms, you are on one side and the exit is on the other side. Between the platforms is a pit of lava. There is a lever, but it is too hot too touch as there is a fire roaring around it.

Anton pour the contents of bottle over the handle

Treguard You throw the water onto the fire. It starts to simmer down and dissipates.

Treguard GONG!!! Well adventurer. Time is up. Will you take on the challenge next Saturday?

Anton yes, definately


Anton (Knightmare theme tune plays)


Treguard Thanks for turning up everyone.

Session 2 - 23.10.99

Treguard is the host

Anton is the dungeoneer

Treguard Last time we left Anton, he was just on the first section of level 2. Will he prevail? We will find out. GAME ON

Treguard You use the lever. After pulling it, a larger platform comes down filling the gap between the two outer platforms.

Anton walk along the platform

Treguard You cross the bridge and exit at the other platform. You emerge in a room. There is a man on the other side of the room. He spots you and comes towards you pointing his sword at you. He says: To pass any further, you must prove your intelligence to me. You must get three questions correct out of five. If you don't, you die. Begin.

Treguard Q.1 Which common 4 letter English word, when printed in capital letters, reads both the same both upside-down and the right way up?

Anton NOON

Treguard Correct

Treguard Q.2 The man who makes it does not need it. The man who buys it does not use it for himself. The person who uses it does so without knowing. What is it?

Anton PASS

Treguard COFFIN

Treguard Q.3 Two horses are standing end to end, one is facing east and the other is facing west. There are no mirrors but they can still see each other. How can this be so?

Anton they are turning their heads


Treguard Q.4 Rearrange the following letters to make just one word. W U N O J S E R D T O

Treguard Do you know the answer Anton?

Anton sorry, i'll have to pass


Treguard Q.5 A completely black horse jumps over a tower and lands on a small man who then disappears. What is happening?

Anton it's a game of chess

Treguard Correct

Treguard You have failed miserably. Believe in whatever god you believe in because he is just about to receive you.

Treguard Oooooh Nasty. Well you didn't answer enough of his questions. Not that you're not intelligent. Spell casting D I S M I S S

Treguard >> Sorry Anton. But thanks for taking part, anyway

Anton ok. Thanks

(Next quest)

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