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The Quest 1.1: Who's Who? Part 2

By Keith McDonald

An introduction to the Opposition and other interlopers in Knightmare Series 5 (1991).

Lord Fear

The leader of the Opposition, a powerful sorcerer with an impressive communications system which allows him to control events and influence proceedings from his headquarters in Mount Fear. Lord Fear maintains a personal bodyguard of mindless metal minions the Frightknights - but also has a paid retinue including Skarkill the Goblin Master and Skarkill's two-goblin pack of Grippa and Rhark. He will also suborn other magicians through the means of pacts and bribes.

Skarkill The Goblin Master

Little good can be said about the dastardly Skarkill. Even the Goblins don't like him. Fortunately, Skarkill is a soldier of fortune and his rapacious desire for gold and silver can lead him to forget his allegiance to Lord Fear and opt for the instant rewards of bribery. The gravel-voiced Skarkill is an intimidating opponent and few dungeoneers will get past him once he has sprung his trap.


Known as "Old Icy-knickers" to her enemies, the beautiful sorceress is an arch-ally of The Opposition and a committed opponent of all dungeoneers. The frozen beauty rules the kingdom of Winteria, deep in Level Three, and is a formidable obstacle to any who attempt to redeem a quest object.

Lord Fear, the Leader of the Opposition, played by Mark Knight. As seen in Series 5 of Knightmare (1991).

Elita the Cavern Elf

Dubbed "the meanest mouth under the mountain" Elita is no friend to The Opposition, but can prove an obstacle to gameplay. The EIf-brat is not particularly fond of humans and does not suffer fools. Dungeoneers must win her over to enlist her aid. Elita has particular influence on the flight-paths of Smirkenorff the Dragon, who is presumably too thick- skinned to object to her language.

Julius Scaramonger

The fast talking merchant and general dealer, Julius Scaramonger, is a man with many wares, but few scruples. Although something short of criminal Julius is ruled by his desire to prosper and his compulsion to buy and sell. Dungeoneers who encounter Julius may well intend to purchase a particular object, yet find themselves the owner of something completely different.

Julius Scaramonger, a merchant played by Rayner Bourton in Series 5 of Knightmare (1991).

The Gatemaster

Huge and overpowering with a booming voice - won't let dungeoneers through without the password. In his own words "I serve neither The Powers That Be nor The Opposition." Not to be reckoned with.

Sylvester "Sly" Hands

The disreputable (all right, disgusting) Sylvester "Sly" Hands is a leading member of the Honourable guild of Thieves and Beggars. Sylvester serves himself, rather than The Opposition, although he is certainly not on the side of truth and light. Dungeoneers may only deal with Sly from a position of strength. If he finds then defenceless, he will rob them of all possessions.

Sylvester Hands, a beggar played by Paul Valentine. As seen in Series 5 of Knightmare (1991).

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