Series 4, Quest 6. Hordriss the Confuser rewards Dickon for honouring their pact.

The Quest 1.3: Questionnaire Results

By Keith McDonald

Results of the previous issue's questionnaire, plus Anglia TV on the possibility of repeats of Knightmare episodes.

Slipped in amongst the pages of TQ2 was a questionnaire about Knightmare and despite the fact that there were absolutely no prizes on offer for returning them, just over 10% replied.

Now that's a fair enough sample to assume the replies represent the views of most Knightmare viewers. So here we go with...

I'm 11 - Knightmare's brill - Treguard's fab - but whatever happened to Gundrada?


1) What is your favourite children's television programme?

85% of you said Knightmare. Phew!

The only other programme that figured anywhere at all was Children's Ward with 3%.

2) Who is your favourite Knightmare character?

Top dog with 28% of the vote was the Dungeon Master himself, Treguard. Pickle was second with 16%, and an astonishing joint third were Lord Fear - nobody tell the Opposition, for goodness sake! - and Gundrada with 72% each [sic]. Close behind them were Cedric and Mellisandre, and votes for no less than 26 other Knightmare characters. Each of the 26 was someone's favourite, even the crying doors from Knightmare 4!

3) Are you a boy or a girl?

Oh dear. Sorry to say the boys outnumber the girls by almost four to one! 78% of you are boys, and 22% are girls. Let's look on the bright side - at least everybody is either a boy or a girl!

4) Your age?

Almost half of you - 44% - are between 10 and 12, and exactly 25% twixt 13 and 15. Next largest viewing age group was between 7 and 9, and a staggering 10% of people who watch Knightmare are over 21 and ought to know better! Seriously, it's smashing to know that the programme appeals to such a wide age group, and we know for a fact that our youngest viewer was the ripe old age of three and a half when he became hooked by events at Knightmare Castle!

5) Would you like to see Knightmare on at a later time?

Two-thirds of you - 66% said an emphatic "no", but one in three said "yes", which would seem to back up the answer to question 4 and that it's parents who set the video recorders!

6) How many series have you watched?

You're a loyal bunch! An amazing 37% replied that you'd watched all five series to date, 26% of you watched four series, and 27%, three series. Gosh!

7) Would you like to see Knightmare repeated?

Again, an incredible response that said as many as seven out of ten of you - 69% - would like to see Knightmare repeated. And we'd like to think that the 37% who didn't want to see it a second time around are only saying that because they can't wait for the brand new derring-do up at t'Castle in the next series.

8) Do you watch all the episodes of Knightmare?

A resounding yes to this one with 84% of the vote. Most popular reason for missing some programmes - question 9 was after school activities. To quote Barry Norman, "And why not?"

9) Do you think Knightmare is too hard?

More than 8 out of 10 - 81% - said no, and Knightmare's creator agrees with you! You can read the rest of Wilf Wright's exclusive interview with him on Pages 4 and 5 of this issue!

10) Would you like to see more winning teams?

71% said yes, they would. To achieve that, of course, means more potential winners need to apply to be on the programme. The interview process is a rigorous one, and only the very best get through it. The glitter and the glamour, the nerves and the nail-biting, the terror and the torment of the television studio have all taken their toll on many a valiant contender!

11) Anything else you'd like to say...?

There's not room in TQ for everything you suggested, but here goes with a selection of the best!

The new series of Knightmare begins on Friday 11th September. You'll be able to find out for yourself how many of your ideas we've taken on board! In the meantime we put your reply to question 7 - would you like to see Knightmare repeated - to those jolly nice people at Anglia TV for an official reply. This is what they said...

So far each series of Knightmare has been much more technically advanced than the last. The challenges have been more impressive. Previous series therefore appear rather dated. However we would not rule it out if there is a genuine demand.

Anglia TV

Is there a genuine demand from you, the loyal Knightmare watchers, for repeats of earlier series?

The questionnaire would seem to say a resounding 'yes', so drop us a postcard with your name, membership number, T-shirt size, and either the one word 'Yes' or 'No' to be in with a chance to win a T-shirt.

We'll make sure your postcard goes to those jolly nice people at Anglia TV, and there'll be a draw from all those postcards received. So get writing!

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