A former Knightmare advisor's chilling TV appearance has been repurposed by frustrated teenagers during the GCSE exam season.

Katharine Bennett-Fox, a contestant in Series 4 (1990), recently appeared in a Barclays advert about digital bank fraud.

She portrays a call centre worker who cheerfully cons a customer out of sensitive information before making an icy reveal to watchers.

During May, images and GIFs of the advert's chilling turn, 'did you see what I did there?', became a popular meme on social media for frustrated secondary school students reflecting on their GCSE exams.

Several teenagers on Twitter compared the sociopathic character from the advert to the exam board members responsible for setting the questions for their papers.

Some were even taken aback by questions that they considered to be much easier than expected, which knocked them off-guard.

Shortly after its launch, the advert made headlines over claims that it was stopping people from sleeping.

Funnily enough, it was a question about sleep that proved the beginning of the end for Katharine's Knightmare adventure.

Did you see what I did there?


More on Katharine's post-Knightmare career.

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