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Team 2: Maeve, Christina, David and Lee from Lancashire.

Team 2's quest reached the first level and lasted for 12 minutes.

Treguard: "Any knowledge of previous quests will be of little use. The Silver Spurs of Squiredom awaits your success."


Level 1

The same first room was used for the start of the second quest, only with different letters. Maeve has to collect 'SESAME' in the correct order.

The very first episode of Knightmare ends as the dungeoneer leaves the room (see next page for details).

The quest continues with a bomb room, which they escape. But Maeve runs straight into another peril.

Treguard: "Warning team, worms be present on Level 1. All contact is deadly. Those who linger longer in this chamber may linger forever."

The team panic and almost direct Maeve straight into its path.

The team reach the Level 1 clue room, which is guarded by the wall monster. Treguard is not yet aware of the second malignant who guards the room.

Treguard: "This one is called Olgarth. Defeat him with wit, and you may gain knowledge."

Granitas: "This one is most definitely not called Olgarth. I AM GRANITAS OF LEGEND!"

The team score three and call out "I command you" to gain a bonus.

Granitas advises them that "all that glitters is not gold, and she who lies in wait values her appearance more than base metal".

The decide to take only one object from the table - a block of soap - leaving the comb and the gold behind.

Treguard: "Hurry team! For when Granitas sleeps, Olgarth awakens..."

They arrive at Lillith's chamber. She is looking rather unkempt.

She wants to do her hair, but all the team could offer her was a block of soap.

Lillith: "A block of soap!? Kindly explain how I am to comb my hair with that!"


Lillith: "Dragon's breath! I lose all patience with you! I shall just have to throw you out...

I have no time for those who fumble, so boulders CRACK and that ledge CRUMBLE!

The ledge disintegrates.

Lillith: "Nice of you to drop in!"

Treguard: "What a shame you didn't take the comb when it was so obviously needed."


One of the shortest quests in Knightmare.

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