A look at Children's ITV in 1988, particularly the Autumn when Knightmare was shown.

Children's ITV - 1988

In 1988, Mark Granger took over, with Andi Peters (before he went to Children's BBC) standing in for Mark during his holidays.

Notice a photo of Treguard in the background of the picture on the right!

Adam Battersby has provided me with some more from 1988 before and after Knightmare:

Children's ITV launched a competition to design a Knightmare room. Treguard provided the details:

Treguard: "Imagine if you will an entirely new chamber for my dungeon, created from your own thoughts, complete with doors and puzzles and then paint it or sketch it for me..."

Straight after the episode of the first ever winning team (Series 2), the presenter Mark Granger spoke to the dungeoneer Mark on the phone:

Presenter: "Did you think the dungeon was unbeatable."

Mark: "Yeah, because no-one before had ever done it, so it was really nerve-racking."

Presenter: "Would you fancy having another go?"

Mark: "Yeah, I would because no adventure is ever the same."

A couple of other shots here. On the left showing the presenter wearing one of those original and very limited edition Knightmare sweatshirt with glow in the dark life force symbol! (Thanks to Billy Hicks for this picture). On the right, Sooty saying how scary Knightmare is!


Have a look at scans of TV schedules from Monday 5 September 1988 (the date of the first episode Series 2):

BBC1 ::  BBC2 ::  ITV (London) ::  Channel 4

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