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Team 1: Gavin, Tom, Craig and Brian from Uddingston, South Lanarkshire.

The first quest of Series 3 was for the Sword and lasted 11 minutes.

Level 1

Gavin begins in a blue dwarf tunnel. He arrives at a long green room with a table and a dice.

Treguard: All life's a game of chance, Gavin. So, roll the bones and learn your fate.

Gavin rolls the dice. A large dice spins in the centre. As it slows, it opens into a cavity with three doors.

In the next chamber, a giant snake emerges from a pit.

Treguard: "Danger, for this is the lair of the dreaded Kaa. Much depends here on whether it's fed recently or not."

Gavin exits left, into the Level 1 clue room. A new wall monster appears.

Treguard: "Warning, team. Manifestation. This is an unfamiliar guardian, so take special care."

It announces itself as Golgarach. The team answer all three riddles correctly. It provides a clue to the 'first step'.

Gavin takes a bone and a key, leaving behind a potion.

The team encounter the new Serpent's Tongue (an adaptation of Lillith's domain). A forked tongue uncoils and recoils to form a bridge.

A maid beckons from an adjacent ledge, showing the team where to go.

The team crosses without incident (though it turns out they originally died here – see 'Hear from the team').

The next chamber is guarded by a fiery wood elf. She is nervous at Gavin's presence, and even Treguard struggles to calm her.

Velda: "I don't like this at all. You’re not supposed to be here."

Treguard says the team should gain her confidence. After some deliberation, they ask politely if they can pass. She is impressed, and grants Gavin the 'second step'.

As she runs off, Treguard warns the team that life force is getting dangerously low.

They proceed into a vale with a winding pathway. The maid is seen in a clearing in the distance.

Treguard: "These caverns are far larger than any that have existed so far in the dungeon."

Life force is fading, so they make haste…


…but Gavin accidentally steps into the quicksand and sinks into the abyss. Nasty.

Treguard: "The best thing about a quicksand, team, is that it's not a slow death."

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