A look at Children's ITV in 1990, particularly the Autumn when Knightmare was shown.

Children's ITV - 1990

Later in 1990, Jeanne and Scally continued with an updated set and titles.

Gundrada made an appearance this year (series 4) to announce the results of a competition. These pictures show her just before an episode of Knightmare was about to begin. Scally runs off after Gundrada says she enjoys cutting people's heads off, especially dogs!

And this is directly after the episode Gundrada lets go of Scally when he threatens not to show Knightmare again!

Knightmare was the last programme of the week on Children's ITV during this series. This changed in the next series when there was usually a 10-15 minute cartoon shown afterwards. The reasons for this were because of the changes in the scheduling of the two programmes after CITV - Home & Away and the ITN News.

1990 saw the third Knightmare book - Fortress of Assassins. An advert for this was given out directly at the end of a few episodes.

With a change in the company producing Children's ITV, Jeanne left in April 1991, and Scally went too :(


Have a look at scans of TV schedules from Friday 7 September 1990 (the date of the first episode Series 4):

BBC 1 ::  BBC 2 ::  ITV (London) ::  Channel 4

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