Series 4, Quest 3. Nikki is questioned by Merlin in Level 2.

Series 4 Quest 3

By Keith McDonald

Team 3: Nikki, Corrina, Emma and Katharine from St. Albans.

The third quest of Series 4 was for the Crown and lasted 36 minutes.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 3. Nikki, the dungeoneer.

Level 1

[Time out is called just two seconds into the quest.]

At the Place of Choice, Nikki is told to time her own exit from the spinning disc, which she just manages.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 3. Nikki on the circular disc in the Place of Choice.

At the castle entrance, Nikki meets Dooris, the Weeping Door (score: 2). She advances through a lowered drawbridge.

In a green room, Hordriss the Confuser unnerves her by asking about her suitability for a job.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 3. Nikki is questioned by Hordriss in Level 1.

Treguard: "He's neither good nor bad, which means he may prove an ally or an enemy."

Nikki agrees a pact with Hordriss to retrieve the Dagger of Darkness. He furnishes her with the Eye Shield.

The shield guides Nikki through the Forest of Dun to a clearing.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 3. Footage of a pathway down the Forest of Dun.

Brother Mace is dining with an assassin, whom he names "Brother Silence". He tricks the killer by creating a "silencer" to knock him out.

Brother Mace: "You see that? He didn't hear a thing."

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 3. Brother Mace is dining with an assassin.

Mace escorts Nikki to Oakley's glen, where she is tested by the tree troll (score: 2).

She takes a bottle labelled SMALL and a bar of gold, leaving behind a talisman.

The Eye Shield leads Nikki to some ruins, which Treguard calls the remains of Dungarth.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 3. Nikki arrives in the ruins of Dungarth.

Once a proud palace of men and a sanctuary from the predators of the forest.


Fatilla the Hun is guarding. Nikki bribes him with gold.

Inside the ruins is a tiny door. The SMALL bottle shrinks Nikki enough to pass through.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 3. Nikki returns to full size with Motley the Jester waiting.

At the other side, she finds Motley.

I've heard that small is beautiful, but this is ridiculous.


Motley has some 'grow-me-quick' from Merlin, which returns Nikki to her normal size.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 3. Nikki climbs into the well.

Into the wellway room. Nikki clambers into the well under pressure from a haunting.

Level 2

The maid, Mellisandre, is in the stocks. Nikki releases her as goblins approach.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 3. Mellisandre pleads to be released from the stocks.

She accompanies Nikki into a courtyard which contains clues.

The goblins close in, but Gundrada the 'Sword Mistress' runs in to shunt the beasts away.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 3. Nikki stands with Gundrada and Mellisandre.

Nikki takes a bar of silver and a rope, leaving behind an hourglass.

Mellisandre shepherds Nikki into the adjacent chamber, then asks for the rope so she can escape to Level 1.

She has nothing to provide in exchange except gratitude, but Nikki hands over the rope.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 3. Mellisandre takes the rope from Nikki.

Don't you worry about me - I'm older than I look, you know! Which is strange because I never seem to get any older...


Into a blue room where everything is unstable. The team tackle this calmly as the room begins to break apart.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 3. Nikki survives the Block and Tackle in Level 2.

Nikki releases a hooded man from the stocks. It's Merlin!

Merlin says she will need magic to pass the guardian in Dunkley Wood. But the team fails to earn any.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 3. Nikki faces Merlin's riddles.

The team meets Doorkis, the second Weeping Door (score: 2). The roof begins to lower as Nikki leaves.

Into Dunkley Wood, where they approach Ariadne's Lair. They escape the great arachnid the first time...


... but not the second. Without Merlin's magic, there could be no escape.

Knightmare Series 4 Quest 3. Nikki is caught by Ariadne, the giant arachnid.

The spider feasts.

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