The final team of Series 5 is rescued by Hordriss as the sorceress Aesandre freezes the dungeon.

Team 9: Kelly, Keeley, Taryn and Rachael from Rochdale

Lord Fear has boosted Aesandre's power to freeze the dungeon and trap Kelly underground before the season ends. We hear the wind howling as the incantation begins.

See the quest to this point.

Treguard: Quickly, Kelly. You must temper the staff and summon Hordriss. He's the only one who can help you escape.

The advisors direct Kelly towards the blue flame. She holds out the staff to restore its power and calls 'Malefact' three times.

Hordriss appears and retrieves the staff.

Hordriss: "No need for explanations. One is of course aware of the imminent danger. Now, there is but one portal that can get us back safely..."

He leads Kelly to a secret exit. The next area is heavy with snow. Hordriss looks behind in panic.

Hordriss: "Hurry, Kelly! Quickly, to the door!"

They run through a magic star-lit tunnel, arriving back into Knightmare Castle. Hordriss is exhausted.

Treguard is livid. He asks Pickle to look after Hordriss and confronts Lord Fear, who is equally unimpressed.

Lord Fear: "Never trust a woman to do anything - it's like an ice cube in here."

Treguard: "We really must protest about this infringement of the rules. This is not playing fair."

Lord Fear: "Oh, really? How awful of me. And how stupid you are, Treguard! Winning isn't about playing fair. It's about winning. That's why we, the Opposition, are so good at it.

"Well, let me warn you. When the next phase of the dungeon begins and your dungeoneers are questing through the levels, we'll be waiting for them and not one of them will get through."

Pickle asks Treguard if any action will be taken against Fear. Treguard says it’s down to the watchers.

Treguard: "Well, you lot! Are you going to let him scare you off, or are some of you brave enough to pick up the gauntlet?

We'll be waiting for your answer. Don't keep us waiting too long, will you?

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