Team 9: Kelly, Keeley, Karen and Rachael were the last team in progress at the end of series 5. They had just peered through the spy glass to find out that Aesandre was about to freeze up the dungeon, and trap Kelly deep in the underworld forever. Lord Fear insisted that Mount Fear should be left out of her plans!

A concerned Treguard advised them to fulfil their task set by Hordriss (to restore a staff by holding it into Aesandre's blue fire), and then to summoned him. He was the only one who could help them.

"Malefact. Malefact. Malefact."

Hordriss: "No need for explanation. One is of course aware of the imminent dangers. There is but one portal that can get us back safely."

Hordriss takes the staff and rushes Kelly towards a secret portal. He panics as he glances behind.

Hordriss: "Hurry Kelly! Quickly, to the door!"

As the dungeon fills with ice and snow, Hordriss delivers Kelly through some kind of magic vortex safely back to Treguard's antechamber. Pickle helps him into Treguard's chair while an angry Treguard confronts Fear.

Treguard: "Lord Fear!"

Lord Fear: "Never trust a woman to do anything. It's like an ice cube in here."

Treguard: "Lord Fear. We must really protest at this infringement of the rules. This is not playing fair."

Lord Fear: "Oh, Really? How 'awful' of me, and how stupid you are, Treguard! Winning isn't about playing fair. It's about winning!"

Lord Fear: "Well, let me warn you! When the next stage of the dungeon begins, and your dungeoneers are questing through the levels, we'll be waiting for them, and not one of them will get through!"

Pickle: "Master! Are we just going to let him get away with this?"

Treguard: "I'm afraid it's not up to us, Pickle. It's up to them."

"Well, you lot! Are you going to let him scare you off, or are some of you brave enough to pick up the gauntlet?"

"We'll be waiting for your answer. Don't keep us waiting too long, will you?"

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