A look at Children's ITV in 1992, particularly the Autumn when Knightmare was shown.

Children's ITV - 1992


Glenn: "Now four school boys from Ruislip battle it out with Treguard to attempt to beat the infamous Lord Fear, in today's Knightmare." (episode 14)

Not much change in 1992, except ITV decided to start calling it 'CITV' instead of 'Children's ITV', and put a greater emphasis on trailer adverts for other programmes in the schedule. Notice the Knightmare Board Game and Frightknight in the top-left picture! Tommy Boyd remained, while Glenn Kinsey did the couple of weeks before Christmas.

On a few occasions during the Knightmare season, CITV didn't have a presenter for whatever reason, and instead they just did the presentation using idents and voiceovers. This may have been because of an occasional opt-out of the main network by Thames Television (my region).

Address card after some episodes.


1992 saw the fifth Knightmare book - The Forbidden Gate, priced £2.99 published by Yearling for younger readers.


And since that's about all the Knightmare related bits, here's some other CITV pictures...


Trailer for 'What's UP Doc' just before Knightmare.


Trailers for 'The Disney Club' just before Knightmare.


The Quest Interview with Tommy Boyd:

Issue 2-1, Page 7


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