Series 7, Quest 7. Barry trades with the Witch Queen, Greystagg.

Series 7 Quest 7

By Keith McDonald

Team 7: Barry, Simon, Derek and Daniel from Worcestershire.

The seventh and final quest of Series 7 was for the Shield and lasted 63 minutes.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Barry, the dungeoneer.


Majida is convinced that girls are the only winning option. She proposes 'throwing him back to get another girl'!

Famous last words. Barry looks lost for words.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Treguard excuses Majida's doubts at Barry's arrival.

Level 1

Barry meets Brother Strange in the dwarf tunnels. The monk offers a spyglass in exchange for a proverb.

Spyglass: Lord Fear is promoting his new 'shell phone'.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Lord Fear shows Lissard his 'shellphone'.

Lissard has broken Grimaldine's staff into four and scattered the pieces throughout the level. Lord Fear wants the pieces recovered before a dungeoneer can reunite them.

Barry arrives in a sandy cove outside a fortress. Romahna is shooting at goblins from a distance.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Romahna shoots at goblins from a distance in a sandy setting.

Barry keeps asking for the green staff piece. Eventually she relents and provides cover-fire while he escapes.

The Level 1 clues are: a helmet; a glowlight; a knife; and a bottle labelled 'Speedwell'. The scroll reads: "Go quickly upon dark paths. Seek weapons and protection."

They take the Speedwell and the glowlight.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Barry collects a piece of green staff from Rothberry's stall.

Rothberry is in a clearing. The team trades the Speedwell for a piece of Grimaldine's staff that has ended up on the apothecary's stall.

However, as goblin horns sound, a conscience-stricken Rothberry hands back the potion to help Barry escape.

Into the moving floor. The team proceeds swiftly towards the exit before Simon (advisor) notices the staff piece on the side wall.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Barry must backtrack on a floorpuzzle into the line of waiting goblins.

They risk going back to collect it, despite a band of goblins poised beside the wall. As Barry stretches up the wall, he gets perilously close to the edge.

You are quite right about the tottering on the edge in the fireball room. At the time, we couldn't see that. The lighting in the studio meant the screen was a lot darker to us. We could barely see the edges, let alone navigate them properly!


Into a barn attic, which is very dark. The glowlight only lights up a small area around Barry, so he goes on a rapid search of the room to find the final staff piece.

They eventually find it in the adjacent corner.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Barry uses a glowlight to search a dark barn for a staff piece.

In next room, Sylvester Hands bursts in with two goblins. Barry drinks the Speedwell potion, which reduces the assailants to slow motion.

Grimaldine is slumped at the gateway. His magic staff, now complete, returns to his side.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Barry encounters a weakened Grimaldine.

Barry claims the credit with Grimaldine and earns a firestone for travel on Smirkenorff.

Level 2

Barry describes his ride as 'first-class travel'! Smirkenorff tells him about the Rift of Angar.

Spyglass: Lissard has discovered that Hordriss is smitten with the tavern maid, Marta.

Lord Fear: "Girl after my own heart - if I had one. Which I don't."

Lissard suggests recruiting Marta using 'subtle stratagems'. Fear has a much simpler idea, and turns Lissard into a replica of Marta to deceive Hordriss.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Lord Fear makes Lissard look like Marta.

Fear then asks Lissard out on a date!

Barry escapes as a hibernating troll wields its axe.

The Level 2 clues are in a dwarf tunnel. The scroll reads: "Sometimes one has to put one's foot down".

They decide to take a boot and a 'Fireproof' potion, leaving behind gold and a jar of humbugs.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Sidriss and Fidjit look concerned at Barry's relevations.

Sidriss is leading the Academy of Magic, with Fidjit in attendance. Sidriss is frustrated that she has been left out of her depth because Hordriss is 'besotted with that girl'.

Barry tells Sidriss about Lissard masquerading as the maid. Fidjit says the team needs the assistance of the Witch Queen to gain a REVEAL spell.

Fidjit opens the door to the Firebomb room, where Witch Amber is hidden. Barry uses the 'Fireproof' potion to protect himself from the fireballs that are shot across the walkways.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. A large boot drops down to squash Raptor and his goblins.

Raptor and the goblins appear in the mural room. Barry puts the boot down. A large boot appears on-screen and squashes each one of them in turn.

Greystagg's antechamber. Barry approaches to ask her for support.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Barry approaches Greystagg in her throne room.

She is initially sceptical about Lord Fear's plans to expose Hordriss. Eventually, she considers exchanging the WitchAmber for a REVEAL spell.

I suppose it proves the dictum that there is no fool like an old fool. Men! Mountebank or Mage - they're all the same.


In another courtyard, Barry finds a scroll: "Surprise". The Brollachan appears! The team cannot remember when asked the name of the rift valley, but Barry guesses convincingly.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Goblins run in to pressurise Barry at the end of the Trial by Spikes.

The Trial by Spikes. The combination is provided on a scroll at the beginning of the puzzle. Goblins come running onto the board to intimidate, but the boys stay on task.

It later transpired that Barry's team weren't due to face this obstacle.

We weren't "due" to win (as I understood it)... The room with the spikes coming out of the floor was actually filmed much later to act as a bit of filler.


At the tavern, Hordriss is sat at a table with Marta. It's clear from verbal cues that she is Lissard in disguise.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Hordriss is stunned when Lissard is revealed.

Barry tries warning Hordriss first, but he won't believe a word of it.

Derek casts the REVEAL spell, leaving Lissard in Marta's place. The seneschal makes a swift exit.

The team bargains with a stunned Hordriss. In return for discretion, he agrees to help them to Level 3.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Hordriss helps Barry down a hidden staircase to Level 3.

Hordriss leads Barry to the next room and reveals a stairway.

Level 3

At the entrance to Goth, a blue force-field flashes across the screen.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Barry encounters a flashing barrier of anti-magic in Level 3.

Something must be seriously worrying Lord Fear. Unless I'm mistaken, that is a barrier of anti-magic. It looks as though he's set it up to keep out rival sorcerers.


Barry has no magic, so can pass through unscathed.

In another corridor of Goth, where three bottles are found on a barrel. These are labelled 'Fast backwards', 'Homer', and 'Freezer'. The scroll reads: "Rock and roll, hot and slow".

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. The Level 3 clues are a set of potions, including Homer and Freezer.

The team chooses 'Fast backwards' and 'Freezer'.

At the Sewers of Goth, they find a boat and a spyglass.

Spyglass: A troll stands towering over Lord Fear and Lissard.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. The King of the Trolls stands over Lord Fear and Lissard.

Lord Fear: "In the kingdom of the trolls, the one IQ troll is king. This is him - Bulstrode. He's got six words, some of them pronouns, and he can count up to five."

Fear is wondering how to shrink it enough to transport it to Knightmare Castle and destroy Treguard's antechamber.

Greystagg appears, still raging at the machinations of Lord Fear. When Barry agrees that he must be stopped, she says he may summon her.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Barry meets Greystagg at the Sewers of Goth.

Greystagg then rows Barry across the sewers. She deflects a question about how to attack a troll, but offers a spell, VISOR.

They use the VISOR spell immediately on the Play Your Cards Right puzzle. A goblin emerges on the ledge behind Barry.

Barry touches the correct card, sending the goblin plummeting to its doom!

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. A goblin pursues Barry along the card puzzle.

The team progress with ease until the final choice between clubs or Joker. Barry says the Joker is referred to as a 'wild card'. Treguard seems to agree, and it gets them through.

The Brollachan appears, seeking more knowledge. It asks what a vertical tunnel is called and why it must build one from Goth to Knightmare Castle.

The plot thickens...

Treguard then warns that Barry's energy levels are critical and that he only has seconds. The team only just get Barry beneath dripping water in the corner of the room before the life-force skeleton collapses.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Barry gets sustenance from water as his life force almost expires.

Unusual levels of drama from an otherwise unflustered team.

We didn't get to see the graphic and the earliest we know that our food is running out is when Treguard gives his warning. We really had no way of knowing how long we had left.


They find a shell on the table - part of Lord Fear's 'shell-net'. Lord Fear says Lissard's plan is working: the Brollachan is eating his way up and Bulstrode is following - full size.

There are two exits: one is labelled 'Short Cut'.

Normally, I wouldn't advise the short cut, but time is getting very short, so... perhaps you must risk it?


It's the Corridor of Blades. The blades are coming very fast and Barry is close to a slicing when he has to rise and dart left in one movement.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Barry in the Corridor of Blades.

The blades near-miss became a bit of a joke around the studio. People kept coming up to Barry to check the tear in his shirt.


As the corridor stops, Brother Strange emerges.

Treguard: "Your proverbial friend, Brother Strange. Maybe he knows a thing or two."

They inform him about the troll attack. Brother Strange tells Barry of an old Norse legend:

Brother Strange: "As ice is to summer, so troll to troll-hammer."

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Sylvester Hands drinks a potion and is frozen.

Romahna is locked in the stocks. Sylvester Hands is trying to keep the goblins, Grippa and Rhark, away from her. When Barry arrives, Sly asks him to come back later!

Watching Hands struggle, Barry offers to watch Romahna while he takes the goblins away.

When that fails, Barry works hard to convince him to drink the 'Freezer' potion. He tells Hands it's a 'Strength' potion, which will allow him to capture everyone.

Our secret weapon was Barry and his relentless gob, which we used to confuse any character that we had to interact with!


Hands falls for the bait. Once he is frozen, Barry releases Romahna, who offers them help in return.

Knightmare Series 7 Team 7. Barry rescues Romahna from the pillory with Sylvester Hands incapacitated.

Romahna: "I don't know anything about a troll-hammer. But there's a massively guarded chamber through the right-hand portal. Are you up for the chamber, Barry?"

Should they complete their quest or save the dungeon?

Contined in End of Series

Hear from the team

In August 2000, advisor Dan signed the Guestbook.

I remember that they did their best to kill us with games like the spikes board but we were too good for them! Our secret weapon was Barry and his relentless gob, which we used to confuse any character that we had to interact with!


In April 2001, dungeoneer Barry signed the Guestbook.

I was just chatting to Julie, the winning dungeoneer from Series 7, and she suggested I visit this site. Wow - this is really something. Congratulations for all the hard work this must have taken.

And to Dan, my erstwhile guider through the dungeon - what do you mean your secret weapon was my 'relentless gob'?? It saved your butt from being well and truly kicked mate, and don't you forget it!!

In March 2005, advisor Simon signed the Guestbook.

Knightmare was a great show, both to watch and to play. Tim Child was a top bloke from all I remember of him. Glad to see it's being remembered so well.

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