Level 3

Miremen are guarding the corridors of Linghorm.

Nathan meets Maldame on the watch tower. She orders Nathan to kneel before her.

Maldame: "Young people today! No manners, no courtesy! One blames it on the breakdown of family values, of course."

Eager to please, Nathan agrees to undertake a task for her: to board the Golden Galleon, find a glass globe, and place it down when it changes colour.

The jetty is guarded by a mireman, so they get Nathan on board quickly.

  • Majida: "Treguard, was it right to accept task from Maldame without getting some kind of reward?"
  • Treguard: "Within the circumstances, it seems extremely generous. But it's done now…"

Below decks are Level 3 clues: a golden globe, a bar of gold and a helmet.

Spyglass: Bhal-Shebah is arguing with itself. Lord Fear gets fed up and dismisses it. He asks Lissard to arrange for Snapper-Jack to guard the Cup with difficult riddles.

Nathan takes the globe (to fulfil his pledge) and the gold.

They emerge outside of Marblehead, where Honesty Bartram appears. Nathan is bemused.

Honesty Bartram: "You were on a quest for… a saucer!?"

Bartram is very interested in the amber globe. He offers a talking book which will answer questions on any subject – including Greek Mythology.

As the team know he also likes gold, Nathan keeps tempting him with it. Eventually, they persuade him to exchange for the gold instead.

Honesty Bartram: "Good to do dealing with you. Don't tell yer dad!"

As Nathan approaches Marblehead, the globe begins to glow. He places it down as instructed and runs off.

Progressing through the corridors of Marblehead…


…to the Fireball Chamber.

A fireball blasts a hole just in front of Nathan. As they try to navigate around it, someone orders Nathan to side-step left…

Down he goes. Oops!

Treguard: "Some extra magic would have helped you with this very difficult puzzle, team. You could have got that magic from Maldame. But you didn't, did you?"

Notice that the food disappears and the colour balance changes as Nathan falls. The Series 8 Outtakes show Nathan working with the stage team to film his death sequence.

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