The eyeshield

The Eyeshield - Issues 1 to 9

By Jake Collins

Paul McIntosh presents the The Eyeshield, the Knightmare fanzine, first published in June 1996.

DownloadIssue 1 - December 1995 (292.0kB)

DownloadIssue 2 - March 1996 (409.38kB)

DownloadIssue 3 - June 1996 (496.64kB)

DownloadIssue 4 - September 1996 (463.42kB)

DownloadIssue 5 - December 1996 (799.69kB)

DownloadIssue 6 - March 1997 (408.06kB)

DownloadIssue 7 - June 1997 (763.08kB)

DownloadIssue 8 - September 1997 (569.33kB)

DownloadIssue 9 - December 1997 (684.47kB)

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Forgery in Knightmare

Series 5, Quest 7. Julius Scaramonger sells Christopher a spell.

It's a phrase that has become synonymous with American politics. If there's anything the good old POTUS doesn't want to hear, it's 'fake news'.

Series 7: End of Series

Series 7, end of series. Barry (team 7) finds two cubes containing the Shield and a troll hammer.

The seventh and final team of Series 7 must prevent a troll from attacking Knightmare Castle.

Spear Room / Pendulum

The Corridor of Spears. Dungeoneers had to pass two sets of hazardous weapons. This variation is from Knightmare Series 3.

The Hall of Spears was a common timing challenge during the early series of Knightmare. Dungeoneers had to avoid spears to reach the exit.

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