The eyeshield

The Eyeshield - Issues 30 to 39

By Jake Collins

Jake Collins presents issues 30-39 of Knightmare fanzine The Eyeshield, first published in June 1996 by Paul McIntosh.

DownloadIssue 30 - November 2004 (2.24MB)

DownloadIssue 31 - January 2005 (2.22MB)

DownloadIssue 32 - March 2005 (1.25MB)

DownloadIssue 33 - May 2005 (1.39MB)

DownloadIssue 34 - July 2005 (1.08MB)

DownloadIssue 35 - September 2005 (1.56MB)

DownloadIssue 36 - November 2005 (1.22MB)

DownloadIssue 37 - January 2006 (1.34MB)

DownloadIssue 38 - March 2006 (1.44MB)

DownloadIssue 39 - May 2006 (215.29kB)

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