The eyeshield

The Eyeshield - Issues 50 to 59

By Jake Collins

Jake Collins presents issues 50-59 of Knightmare fanzine The Eyeshield, first published in June 1996 by Paul McIntosh.

DownloadIssue 50 - March 2008 (3.3MB)

DownloadIssue 51 - May 2008 (2.64MB)

DownloadIssue 52 - July 2008 (670.12kB)

DownloadIssue 53 - September 2008 (2.19MB)

DownloadIssue 54 - November 2008 (1.46MB)

DownloadIssue 55 - January 2009 (2.32MB)

DownloadIssue 56 - March 2009 (1.87MB)

DownloadIssue 57 - May 2009 (567.66kB)

DownloadIssue 58 - July 2009 (658.69kB)

DownloadIssue 59 - September 2009 (609.62kB)

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The versatile ledge crossing was used for an arachnid or a character encounter. It was expanded in the third series to a three-part set piece along a cliff.


The Wall of Jericho, with the full room behind. Appears in Level 3 during the early series of Knightmare.

This complex room was sometimes obscured by a large wall in the foreground. Once beyond this, dungeoneers were able to summon Merlin.

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Majida and Treguard looking into pool, Series 8 Episode 1

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