[by Dave Morris]

The Labyrinths of Fear, second book

"Mortals, you have entered my realm. This is the underworld..."

Don the Helmet of Justice and join Treguard as he rides in persuit of his old foe, Rupert of Armitage - headlong into the eerie realm of an ancient king.

Read carefully for, as the grim game of cat-and-mouse is played out in the haunted depths of Anwin Wood, you too can prepare for the ultimate challenge - the monstrous puzzles and sorcery of ITV's award-winning game series - Knightmare.

Can Treguard hope to stand against the power of one who has ruled since time began?

Can you?


  • A Corgi Book, Published 1989
  • ISBN 0-552-52608-8
  • For Older Readers
  • UK £2.99


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