[by Dave Morris]


"If your heels be nimble and light, You can get there by candlelight..."

Setting out to explore a mysterious, overgrown path, Sam, Jimmy and Pippa discover they have stumbled upon a magic gateway to a world of dreams - the legendary Knightmare Castle. But Treguard, master of Knightmare Castle, has been taken prisoner by the dark powers of the dread Lord Fear...

Read carefully, for as Treguard and the group venture into the depths, you too must prepare for the ultimate test - the monstrous puzzles and sorcery of ITV's award-winning game series, Knightmare.

Can Treguard thwart the grim plans of Lord Fear and survive the dark challenge of the shadowy caverns below the castle?

Can you?


  • Cover illustration by David Rowe
  • A Yearling Book, Published 1992
  • ISBN 0-440-86317-1
  • For Younger Readers
  • UK £2.99


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