[by Dave Morris]

The Dragon's Lair, sixth book

All sorcerers know the secret - Dragons must die for magic to live!


When William discovers a figure trapped beneath the ice of a local pond, he plunges into a fantastic adventure in a wintery world. For Treguard, the powerful lord of Knightmare Castle, needs William's help in a dramatic quest - to save a newly-hatched dragon from a terrible fate at the hands of an evil wizard...

Read carefully, for as Treguard leads William through the dangers of an ice-locked kingdom, you too must prepare for the ultimate test - the monstrous puzzles and sorcery of ITV's award-winning game series, Knightmare.

Can Treguard help William reach the dragon before the evil wizard and his ally, the sinister Queen Aesandre?

Can you?


  • Cover photograph of Hugo Myatt as Treguard
  • A Yearling Book, Published 1993
  • ISBN 0-440-86328-7
  • For Younger Readers
  • UK £2.99


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