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Team 6: Richard, Jonathan, Paul and Edward from West Yorkshire.

Team 6's quest was for the Cup and lasted 44 minutes.

(This turned out to be the final team of Series 1.)



Level 1

Treguard: "An unusual obstacle to encounter so early in a quest."

This bridge obstacle was used very rarely. A similar sort was used once in Series 2, but that involved ringing a bell to create the path rather than stepping on the symbol.

We're soon back on familiar ground, with the 'Room of Choice'. They guide Richard to the door with the Chalice symbol.

Treguard: "Look for a sign symbolic of a true quest."

The Level 1 Clue Room was guarded by Granitas. They score full marks and gain a bonus, before taking the gold and soap.

Next was the Reptile Chamber. They escape without too much difficulty.

Lillith's ice causeway was malfunctioning. She mistakes Richard for a workman and asks why he has no tools.

They take a chance and manage to cross and escape into the Serpent's Mouth. Richard descends straight into its stomach.

Treguard: "Oh dear, that will teach you to walk down a monster's throat. Now see where you are, trapped in its stomach. There's only one way out of here. Well, two actually, but we won't go into that..."

Treguard asks the team how they can give it an upset stomach. They rub the soap on the ground and let nature take its course.

Into the Corridor of the Catacombs, which is inhabited by a giant monster. They quickly take the left-hand path as it has the symbol of their quest.

The team encounter Folly at the end of Level 1. "When is a door not a door?" he asks. They respond, "When it's ajar". Folly then presents another challenge:

Folly: "When is a well not a well?"

They thought this was another joke. "When it's ill?", they suggest. Folly helps them out.

Folly: "When well is a spell!"

Taking the hint, they use the WELL spell to uncover the wellway.

Note: the dungeoneer mysteriously holds his nose when climbing into the wellway!

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