What's new for Series 2 of Knightmare? A summary of the main differences.

Start of Series

There is a swift introduction by Treguard before the first dungeoneer is welcomed.

  • Treguard: "The next phase of the dungeon is now complete. The door to your world is open..."

Questing teams receive the same preparation and guidance as before.

  • Treguard: "Your reward is squiredom - the first stage to knighthood - but only if you survive this quest… Use logic to find the right path, but remember: the only way is onward, there is no turning back."

To see what happens next, start with Team 1.

Similarities and Differences

The dungeon design is similar to the opening series, but with a broader range of rooms and puzzles.

Treguard continues to communicate with characters from the antechamber, though Mogdred can overpower him.

Differences to the intro and outro sequences. We also saw the first winning quests.

See trailers/idents from 1988.


The standard first room is replaced with a 'Wheel of Fortune'. This randomises the route through the dungeon while giving gameplayers a sense of control about their fate.

A broad range of puzzles includes 'Black-Jack', Combat Chess, and the animated Scorpion.

See more of the Series 2 Dungeon, starting with Level 1.

A suite of new characters gives a greater dimension to the dungeon. These include Gretel the Maid, Bumptious the dwarf, and the first appearance of Mogdred.

An automatum is introduced to chase dungeoneers and speed up gameplay.

See a summary of the Series 2 characters.

Start of Episode

Treguard introduces each episode with a 'progress report'.

Treguard: "Watch now, you curious lot, as Treguard turns back the dungeon clock."

New dragon-styled graphics are used to recap the previous episode.

End of Episode

In Series 2, the bell tolls to signal 'time out'. (In Series 1, it is announced by Treguard and the fire stops burning.)

Treguard: "Join us again for Knightmare... And just keep telling yourself, it can't be real, can it?"

The credits end with a combined Anglia/Broadsword logo.

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