A look at Children's ITV in 1989, particularly the Autumn when Knightmare was shown.

Children's ITV - 1989

Stonewall Productions (an independent company) won the contract to provide the Children's ITV service, but still used Central's studios and staff. However, there was a change in set design and presenters which commenced in early '89.

Jerry Foulkes took over from Mark Granger, presenting Children's ITV with Scally the Dog throught 1989. Unfortunately, I do not have any video of this period, and therefore no pictures to show you.

There was a brief interview with Jerry in the October 25th issue of 'Number One' (a pop music/TV magazine that ran from the 80's-'92), talking about the new CITV competition to win a bike based on the programme 'Streetwise'.

1989 also saw the arrival of Jeanne Downs and Clive Warren, both of them presented 'CITV in the Mornings' in Summer '89. Jerry Foulkes left at Christmas '89, so Jeanne and Clive took over the afternoon slot from January 1990, along with Scally the Dog:

Late '89/Early '90: Thanks to Peter Lee for these shots of Clive Warren's last morning on Children's ITV before moving to the afternoons with Scally. Here, the guests at the back are the very tall 'Hull twins' showing some of the drawings people had sent in, helping Clive take down his name sign off the wall, and announcing a competition to win a copy of the Guinness Book of Records.


On a posting to The TV Forum in 1998, Jeanne said "It was a really fun time in my life and people still say to me that it was one of the best periods of Children's ITV."

She also said that Scally now resides at the MOMI (Museum of the Moving Image) in Birmingham and is owned by someone from Live and Kicking.


Clive Warren also presented the Children's ITV summer mornings show on his own in Summer '90. There was another brief interview in 'Number One' magazine with Jeanne and Clive, talking about he new morning shows (issue July 12th 1989).


And finally before we leave 1989...

This was shown straight after episode 12 of series 3 (1989). No screen-shot available, but if you want to see a scan of the book cover.


Have a look at scans of TV schedules from Friday 8 September 1989 (the date of the first episode Series 3):

BBC 1 ::  BBC 2 ::  ITV (London) ::  Channel 4 ::  Variations

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