Series 3, Quest 10. Julie at the Mills of Doom in Level 2.

Series 3 Quest 10

By Keith McDonald

Team 10: Julie, Amanda, Marie and Angela from Knighton, Leicester.

The tenth quest of Series 3 was for the Sword and lasted 29 minutes.

Knightmare Series 3 Team 10. Julie, the dungeoneer.

Level 1

The quest begins in the Dice Room.

You must learn early, team, that when there is no way out, there is sometimes a way in.


The maid Mellisandre helps Julie escape from the lair of Kaa, and then helps her to cross the Serpent's Tongue.

Knightmare Series 3 Team 10. Julie is helped from the Lair of Kaa by Mellisandre.

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by Brangwen (score: 2).

Julie takes a candle and a scarf, leaving behind a jar of humbugs.

Knightmare Series 3 Team 10. The Level 1 clues include a candle and a scarf.

She survives the Scorpion Room and then a Bomb Room - though they spend so long describing it they almost get caught.

Mellisandre is waiting for Julie in the kitchen. She offers some food as Julie has her scarf.

Mellisandre: "It's my favour, and by carrying it, you're dedicating this quest to me!"

Knightmare Series 3 Team 10. Julie meets Mellisandre again in the kitchen.

She reads out a rhyme which gifts a FLARE spell, and gives Julie the 'first step'

Julie is chased along the cliff by Olaf. She gives him the candle. He is pleased and gives Julie the 'second step'.

Knightmare Series 3 Team 10. Julie hands Olaf a candle.

The wellway room is dark, so they spell-cast FLARE.

A skull damages Julie's life force, but she collects food to restore it on the way down.

Level 2

The first sighting of the Mills of Doom in Series 3.

Knightmare Series 3 Team 10. Julie arrives at the Mills of Doom in Level 2.

In the next room, Hordriss is sitting at a table. It is the first time we see him in a non-threatening role.

If you go beyond this point, you're likely to meet a dreadful fate. Does that worry you?

Hordriss the Confuser

He presents a logic puzzle for the team to work out the safest exit. He also provides the 'third step'.

Knightmare Series 3 Team 10. The team encounter the mysterious Hordriss the Confuser.

The Level 2 clue room contains only food. Julie enters from an unusual direction so must climb the stairs to exit.

Into Merlin's Chamber, where they evoke the steps and summon him, disturbing his enchantment.

Knightmare Series 3 Team 10. Julie reaches Merlin the Magician.

The team get the second riddle wrong, becoming the only Series 3 team to encounter Merlin and fail to earn magic.

Merlin: "Now you will have to take the path without my help. Remember, others have done so and still survived."

They have?

Julie meets the raven on the perch. It normally assists with 'step' clues but this time provides a password.

Knightmare Series 3 Team 10. Julie finds a captured Velda in Death Valley.

Into the stalactite caverns at Death Valley. Velda has been captured by goblins. Julie unties her after the beasts run off.

Velda is grateful for the rescue, and offers Julie a green gem.

Velda: "This beryl is an elven stone, one that is valued by all denizens of the dungeon and catacombs beyond. You take it with my thanks."

Knightmare Series 3 Team 10. Velda offers a beryl elven stone.

Julie escapes as the goblins return.

Into the goblin tunnels, where a figure starts moving towards her.


The team guides Julie to the right exit, but a goblin appears in the doorway! Another descends on Julie from the left door.

Julie is told to ask the goblins if they would like a present! All the goblins are interested in is fresh blood.

Knightmare Series 3 Team 10. Julie falls prey to the goblins in a long corridor.

Treguard: "Oooh, that is nasty. I shouldn't look any more if I were you..."

Treguard suggests that Merlin's 'anti-goblin spell' would have helped them.

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