Only team 4 were successful in completing the dungeon in series 5 of Knightmare.

Team 4: Ben, John, Ray and Jonathan from Exeter

Team 4 completed the dungeon in their quest for the shield and took 62 minutes.

After following hints from a scroll, they encountered Hordriss and gave up the sphinx bone for two spells: FIRE and FREEZE. Given Aesandre's taunts of fighting fire with fire, they use the FREEZE spell to defeat her.

Aesandre: "You might of course fight fire with fire. Come on dungeoneer, do your worse, or perhaps your best."


And then into the final puzzle, where the task was to create a path back to Knightmare Castle by solving a large floor puzzle of numerals and shapes.


When they got half-way, the shield appeared, but it was frozen, so they used the FIRE spell to release it.


Then the shot changes to a closer one for the second puzzle.

Notice how the castle door mysteriously becomes open when the shot changes! Life force very low...


A fanfare sounds, everyone cheers...


The dungeoneer is awarded a Frightknight trophy to share with the rest of the team.


Treguard: "Three to one Pickle."

Pickle: "And one for the eye of the opposition Master."

Treguard: "Well, there's only one more thing for it. Spellcasting HEROES!"


In August 2000, I was pleased to receive an e-mail Ray Lockton (one of the advisors in this winning team). He sent me a whole load of photographs that they took on their audition and filming days, along with scans of letters and documents they received from Broadsword. See the Experiences section.

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