Series 5 consisted of a total of 9 teams across 16 episodes.

Team 1: Kathryn, Reilene, Fay and Alison from Liphook


Team 1's quest was for the cup and lasted 25 minutes.

Level 1

First team to ever ride on Smirkenorff, taking them into Level 1.


Delivered a bag of gold from Brother Mace to Julius Scaramonger.

Used a spyglass on Lord Fear after delivering.

Earned password for the Blocker from Gwendoline the Greenwarden.

Descender to...

Level 2

Agreed to retrieve a bone for Hordriss and got a box with Pixel the pixie.

Used Pixel to frighten off goblins.


Stepped off a causeway floor puzzle.

The life force death skull sequence wasn't used so often during this series.


In June 2000, Fay, one of the advisors in this team signed my Guestbook:

I stumbled across this site today, after having a big nostalgia attack, and just wanted to say congratulations - it looks great! I was a member of the first team of Series 5 (The 'Bee' team, as I recall, for fairly obvious reasons if you look at our cute matching outfits!) and, although it's nearly nine years since my team was on, I remember a lot about being on the show.

Sadly, I've lost touch with two of the members of the team so, Kathryn, Ali, if you discover this site, drop me an e-mail I'd love to hear from you, but we had a great time and a lot of laughs (although, three days locked in the Green Room together nearly drove us all crackers!) Thanks for putting so many images of us onto the site - I feel v. flattered.

So Kathryn or Alison - if you ever read this, please e-mail the site who will put you into contact.


Team 2: Richard, Darren, Daniel and James from Gillingham


Team 2's quest was for the cup and lasted 36 minutes.

Level 1

Took a very long time to decide which objects to take by the drawbridge.

Bought fresh flowers for Pixel to sting Sylvester Hands and earned the password. Took the Descender to level 2 after a little help from Brother Mace.

Level 2 

Had to free Motley who was stuck in a giant playing card.

Fled from Ariadne's Lair after collecting a spy glass. 

Overheard the causeway colour code when spying on Lord Fear.


Skarkill killed them. They didn't have a bar of gold to bribe him, so offered him a horn and insisted that it was magical.

Daniel: "Tell him, 'take it to a chasm and blow it, and riches beyond your wildest dreams will appear'."

Skarkill asked Richard to blow it...


Skarkill : "That's a goblin horn... and I am Skarkill, master of the goblins...

Magic horn? Oh no its not! I'm going to put my irons on you."


In May 2002, Dan (one of the advisors in this team) signed the Guestbook:

I'm delighted that I found such a huge (and brilliant) website dedicated to this legendary program. I still look back on my experience appearing on this show with immense fondness, something like 11 years down the line. Yes, that was me: the idiot who got our team killed by Skarkill for not taking the gold. I throw my full weight behind your efforts to get the show back on the air; perhaps its recent appearance on the 100 Greatest Kids' TV Shows will help your cause - here's hoping. Keep up the good work.


Team 3: Sarah, Keeley, Helen and William from Northampton


Team 3's quest was for the crown and lasted 57 minutes.

Level 1

Began as a boat ride to level 1 while being blanked by the boatman.

Refused a dead deer in a sack in favour of a password from Julius.


Julius deliberately rushed saying the password so the team couldn't make out whether he said 'Frightknight' or 'Bright Light'.

To confuse matters more, Gwendoline gave them another password after Sarah reported Julius to her for killing a deer.

At the blocker, they sensibly decided to go with Gwen's password.

A ride on Smirkenorff to level 2.

Level 2

Brother Mace said that they need a key to proceed.

Later bought key from Sly.

Life Force damaged by a skull ghost as they used the key to retrieve a PIXEL spell from a locked chest.

Used Pixel to dispose of Skarkill.

Descender to level 3... (only 1 floor down!).

Level 3

The first team to reach level 3 this series. [More about Level 3]


Met Elita who could have offered some vital help, but the team took far too long to decide whether to give her the ruby or not. Eventually, they agreed but it was too late. Elita ran off without giving any info.


On the corridor of blades.


And that classic skull appeared - a rarity in this series.

Treguard: "Elita could have saved you, but you took too long to decide."


Team 4: Ben, John, Ray and Jonathan from Exeter


Team 4's quest was for the Shield and lasted 62 minutes.

Level 1

Motley, being stuck in the pillory, set them a task to buy a green stone from Julius and then persuade Elita to release him.


They did this and earned the causeway colour sequence and later a password from Motley.

Level 2

Bypassed Skarkill.


Sylvester Hands interrogates Ben, before Gwendoline walks in. Sly dashes off to put on a dungeoneer's helmet to confuse Gwen. She was looking for Sly and therefore had to ask each questions to distinguish. With Sly giving thick answers as usual, it wasn't difficult.

Gwendoline gives them the password, before Sir Hugh came in and unwittingly rescued her.


Clues and a SESAME spell from Brother Mace in exchange for a book.

Into Rock/Scissors/Paper Causeway.

Encountered Skarkill again so they blow the horn and Gwendoline comes to the rescue. She advises Ben to look out for Winter in Level 3, which enables the team to stop the Descender in time.

Level 3

Travelled down in the Descender and used SESAME spell to open the lift exit door.


The whole place was covered in snow. Ben found himself wearing a cloak.

Here in Winteria, Lord Fear and Aesandre planned the team's fate.

Bought a bone from Elita for Hordriss and earned two spells: FIRE and FREEZE.


To follow this team's progress, see Level 3, and for what happened next, visit the Winners page.


In August 2000, I was pleased to receive an e-mail Ray Lockton (one of the advisors in this winning team). He sent me a whole load of photographs that they took on their audition and filming days, along with scans of letters and documents they received from Broadsword. See this material in the Behind the Scenes section. Ray also signed the Guestbook in the same month:

Brilliant Web-Site. I was the team captain of the winning team of series 5. John Shaw (the loud spellcaster) told me about the site in the pub. After all this time I can't believe I can download our winning clip!
Thanks very much!

And in October 2003, team member John signed the Guestbook himself:

There must be some serious nostalgia going around the teams from series 5 - I've not seen this for ages and suddenly someone in the office tells me that there's a whole site with pictures and videos of us on!

Winning was great, but a shame about the prize. One trophy between four is never going to work, and we've all had some time with it but I've not seen it in years. So if Ray Lockton is reading this please get in touch - Jon and I would both love some time with the Fright Knight again!!

Great site - keep it up.


Team 5: Jenna, Andrea, Kelly and Anna from Exeter


Team 5's quest was for the crown and lasted 19 minutes.

Level 1

One of the eye-shield paths featured a scroll saying 'Another name for Hordriss'. This was a CITV competition, and was added in after the recording.


Shouted off Assassins sent by Lord Fear

Blocker room had a sword stuck into a trunk.

The team approach the sword, but Treguard says it might bring back the blocker, so they leave it

At the causeway, Treguard said they could either take 'the path of defense' or 'the path of aggression'. They sensibly chose the first...


Stepped on the wrong hexagon.


Treguard: "You chose the right path, but didn't stay on it."


In November 2000, dungeoneer Jenna signed my Guestbook:

I only died so early on because they gave us the toughest floor puzzle on the first level - it wasn't our fault! Apart from that it was great fun crashing into blue walls and saying really stupid things, so that friends could laugh at me for years to come - it's an experience everyone should have! My one regret was that I didn't get to ride Smirkenorff...

In January 2001, team member Andrea Barber signed my Guestbook:

This is a fantastic site - I'm very impressed! Boy does it bring back memories! A few of my drawings were featured in The Quest's Knightmare Knews pages and it's great to see them on your site. I still die with embarrassment when I remember how badly our team did on the programme (and how bad my hair looked), but it was a fantastic experience. I'd love to see Knightmare come back one day. Keep up the good work with the site!

Posts by Jenna and Andrea can also be found on the Forum (usernames, DeadDungeoneer, Andrea), including this thread all about their quest. Andrea (Rea) can be seen as an interviewee in James Aukett's 25 Years Of Knightmare documentary.


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